Review for Two Terrible Vikings

Review for Two Terrible Vikings

Two Terrible Vikings, Francesca Simon, Humour, Vikings, Naughty, Twins, Illustrations, FantasyMeet Whack and Hack, two precocious little Vikings who are proud to be the worst Vikings of their little village.

I encountered this book at Library #3 and immediately knew I had to bring it with me and read it as soon as I could. This sounded too funny!

In this one we get a couple of stories featuring the twins Whack and Hack. I just adore their names it is so fitting for a Viking to have a name like that, and even more is that it fits these two to a tee. For most they are pretty much like any other kid. They hate chores and will do anything to get out of it (including going to a forest on a troll hunt). They have wild imaginations and do things that maybe aren’t the best to do (like steal a boat to find an island). I really had fun reading about the twins and see what they were getting up to. They are quite the duo and at times I felt for their parents. Yes, I felt for them despite them being Vikings as well. I don’t know. I guess the parents were proud? But it also felt like they weren’t. XD Very confusing. Francesca Simon really wrote Whack and Hack well, then again I could have expected that she was able to make a naughty character in a fun way. I mean I also read a few of her Horrid Henry books and I remember laughing at what he got up to.

We also meet other characters from the town. Including a girl who is way too nice to be a Viking (and her parents as well as they are all about singing and sharing and love, hippie Vikings I guess?), a boy whose pants keep twisting/dropping, and a girl who hates bathing/getting clean (which reminded me of Pig-Pen which made me like the character even more).

I had so much fun seeing the world these characters live in, even if it is mostly the town/the forest. I definitely hope in later books we get to see them go on a trip to the Bad Island and other places.

The art also was perfection, I love the style and I love the character designs, they are so fitting with the story and the personalities everyone has there.

All in all, highly recommended if you like Vikings + naughtiness.

Star rating, 4 stars

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