Review for Unipiggle: Mermaid Mayhem

Review for Unipiggle: Mermaid Mayhem

Mermaid Mayhem (Unipiggle the Unicorn Pig), Hannah Shaw, Fantasy, Children's Books, Pig, Cute, Unicorn, Rainbow, PrincessA new Unipiggle adventure, this time boattrips and mermaids and tons of magic.

It is time for Unipiggle and Princess Pea to go on a vacation! I really wish I had found out about this book earlier because I would have loved to read this one during my vacation! Oh well, now I can have a summer vacation part 2 thanks to this book.

We follow Princess and her parents (and of course Unipiggle) as they go on a vacation. Apparently the castle needed to be cleaned (that seems logical given the queen and her hype for cleanliness) and so our family decide to go to a very sunny spot in their realm. I loved seeing them on the boat, though I felt sorry for the poor pig and his seasickness, and it got even better when they arrived and the mermaids were there to welcome them. I just love mermaids and I loved seeing Pea’s teacher in the mix as well.

But the story only begins then, because something mysterious is in the sea and stealing musical objects! It even kidnapped the king! Oh noes! I loved the name they had for the creature and I was very curious if it lived up to his name… or would be adorable just like a lot of things in this series. It was great seeing Princess Pea, Unipiggle, and the teacher go on an adventure along with a bit of a tour and a snackathon. Hey, if you are under the sea anyway why not enjoy it just a bit? I would have definitely loved to go along with our trio because apparently the waters are magic and anyone can go underwater without the need of oxygen tanks or whatever the alternative would be in this world.

I had a big laugh when we found out what the mysterious creature was! That is just perfection! Hope we see more of this character in the next books.

The ending was fab and I had a laugh at how the queen (and well everyone) was happy that the king found something to do without opening his mouth or doing musical stuff. XD

Of course, the illustrations are once again fantastic. The colours are just great and I love it all so much.

Highly recommended. Now waiting for Hallowtober/Spooktober before I read the next book!

Star rating, 5 stars

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