Review for Unipiggle: Witch Emergency

Review for Unipiggle: Witch Emergency

Unipiggle: Witch Emergency, Witches, Magic, Fantasy, Halloween, Unipig, Princess, Children's BooksIt is time for spooks and thrills and witches doing spells with a new Unipiggle!

In this wonderful book Pea finds a magical spell book and has tons of fun with it and plenty of plans to try out all sorts of things. I had tons of fun seeing her use magic to grow a pumpkin to big big sizes. XD

But of course something is bound to happen when you find a sparkly library book that shouldn’t be there and while I wasn’t always a fan of the blue-haired witch, I did feel that she didn’t have any bad intentions. In fact, given the rules, I could kind of understand it. Plus, Princess training? This girl is good at making excuses it seems.

I loved how Pea and Unipiggle and a few friends tried to get things right again while dodging snappy plants and big pumpkins. I was rooting for them (and at the same time laughing at what the witch was up to).

I guess maybe it would be better for the queen (and the king) to allow a bit of magic? I mean, it is just a bit harsh to ask people with magic to not use it. And we see in this book what happens due to this rule. I mean, why not make new rules to just regulate magic and thus allow it. Then I am sure things will go a bit better and we won’t have any repeats of what happened in this book.

The art was just too much fun again! I loved seeing the unicorns, there was just so much magic.

All in all, a great read for Halloween, magic and witchcraft. Can’t wait for the next book.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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