Review for You’re My Cutie! Vol.1

Review for You’re My Cutie! Vol.1

You're My Cutie, Vol. 1, Nakaba Harufuji, Slice of Life, Romance, Hot Guy, Manga, RomanceI received this book from Netgalley/Kodansha publishers in exchange of an honest review.

I just HAD to request this manga, it looked right up my alley. Adorable, fun, featuring a hot guy. What more could I want? XD

In this one we meet our MC, a girl named Madoka who works at her parents store. She loves cute guys, especially when they are kouhai (aka younger than her). I really loved Madoka, and I loved how unfazed she was… well for most. Haha, we can see he is affecting her in ways, but she holds it in/to herself which I just loved. I also definitely loved seeing her slowly fall for him when she discovers more of his personality, when they get closer and closer. She had some fantastic facial expressions that made me laugh at times. I also love that, despite that she wants to have more fun with friends/clubs/etc. she sticks to helping out her parents.

Then there is Shikura-kun, a hot guy whose personality definitely doesn’t fit his pretty boy exterior. Really, the guy looks hot and composed and tough, but actually he is just like a puppy. He puts his apron on wrong, gets lost because he went after a kitty, loses his phone, and so much more. It was just fabulous how he actually was. I am definitely happy that he turned out this way, because the first few pages I just wanted to punch him. XD I also felt for him and how girls treated him. I get it girls, he is hot. No need to stalk him, pounce on him, and all that. Sexual harassment is not cool. I was happy for him that he could open up to Madoka, and also her family. That he found out that there was a safe place with a girl who wasn’t immediately horny for him. I am proud that he said his excuses over certain things, because yeah, you make it real hard for Madoka to help you if you are that hyper-focussed on things (which again, I can understand given all the girls and how they react to him), but I am happy he realised it. Good boy!

The story is pretty much slice of life with a dash of romance in it and that was just what I needed.

The ending, OK, now I need more of this! Hello? You cannot just end it like that!!!

The art was just fabulous and I love the style of it. The facial expressions were top notch!

All in all, looking for a cute manga about a girl who isn’t so fazed by a hot guy and a hot guy who has a whole different personality than you may think when you see him first? Try this one!

Star rating, 4 stars

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