Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 17-10-2021

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 17-10-2021

Booooo~ Hello all!

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Welcome all to a new TBR Updates! Happy weekend~

Well this week was both GREAT and not so great. Great was the fact that my apple tree gave plenty of fruit + I had a fun baking afternoon/evening on Friday. On Friday I went to cut my hair and also went for a nice cool colour (reddish/orange) on my undercut to which I am still getting used to, haha, never died my hair so this is all new, but I am already planning my next colour! On Saturday eve a friend of us visited and we have a great time. And on Sunday (today) we got plans as well (FINALLY). But not so great was the fact that I was sick for almost all week with a big cold.
Reading-wise, well thanks to the cold I could read plenty, so I guess it is not too bad having a cold. XD My NG was at 2 and is now back at 3.

What did I read from my TBR this week? Miro &Tesla (a hilarious book, I had such a laugh seeing what the kids got up to), Love Creekword (if we could have gotten rid of the Leah mails and the Abby/Leah relationship, this would have been great, it was fun to see Simon/Bram again), Pinguïnpost (a fun book about a zoo and boy who tries to save it), Babysittersclub #2 (this was just so adorable and fun), Dokter Domoor (this was fun but BOY was the sister annoying), Tram 5 (interesting GN with good art, really liked the MC), Awesome Friendly Spooky Stories (this was just hilarious and spoopy), Blood Lad #2 (had so much fun reading this one, great battles + cuteness), Trinity Blood (YAS! Time to re-read this series again, so much fun), Aveline Jones (spooky and witchy and I flew through it).

I tried and dropped: Boutje van de rommelberg (not my cup of tea), Little Wonders (yawn).

Here is a new stack! Along with some new books from Library #3. I know, I know it is huge, like WAY too huge, like OMG is this a good idea-huge.. but I just couldn’t pick. Haha. I just kept adding and didn’t want to remove anything. Oh dear.

That is it for this week! Thanks for reading and wish me luck! What are all my readers reading this week? Tell me all about your plans! And I hope everyone has a great week + stay safe~

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