Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 24-10-2021

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 24-10-2021

Good afternoon everyone!

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This was pretty OK. Visited 3 libraries (#1, #2, #4) so I now got all of them visited. I did some gardening as it is that time of the year that you got to do stuff so everything is ready for winter. I cannot wait until spring/summer as I planted some plant bulbs in the ground and it will be a nice surprise then.
Reading-wise, good week! Had fun reading whenever I could, one or two days I had to spend in bed so I could read some more then.

What did I read from my TBR this week? Once Upon a Crime (fantastic read, love to see other characters POV), They’ll Never Catch Us (slow start, but otherwise good), Higurashi (so good, so scary, so gorey, that ending OMG), Sneeuwblind (), Two Terribly Vikings (hilarious and funny, had such a fun time), Een grote beproeving (fun, but too many POVs), Koken voor kinderen (yummy, trying out recipes over the weeks), Maanrovers (this was fantastic).

I tried and dropped: Meer Natuur (this was just too spiritual/floaty for me), 10 Truths en een Dare (what happened to my girl? Also golf, eww), Het wolvenboek (not into it, just too much text for me at the moment), Apparition Phase (wanted more scariness, didn’t get it).

Here is a new stack! So many books I want to read~ New library books from all my libraries this time + some Halloween reads I would love to read before the end of the month.

And this was it! Thanks for reading and wish me all the luck~ I hope everyone has a fantastic week, and oh yes, be sure to let me know in the comments about your plans for the week~

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