Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 31-10-2021

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 31-10-2021

Happy Halloween!!

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Happy Sunday! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates~

This week was pretty OK, got my flu shot on Monday (and was surprised at how many people were there as well, last year it was quieter), did part 2 of getting garden ready for winter, baked a lot of things (got a new baking/cookbook), and other than that just the normal day to day stuff. Health-wise doing much better, yay!
Reading-wise, good week! Read quite a few books from my TBR and also my NG (got new books there).

What did I read from my TBR this week? Blood Lad #3 (great, so twisty and loved the revelations), Higurashi (ohhhh, so scary), Moon Phase (this was an exciting volume with battles, more vampires, and an ending, wow), Lock Down (a bit too much at times, but it was a good read), Mina and the Undead (YASSSSSSSSSSSS), Mine (not a fan of the dad, but the rest was GOOD), Heer Ridder Louis (OMG, I laughed my butt off, this was so funny), De jongen en de papegaaiduiker (this was a beautiful read and I enjoyed it a lot), Babykookboek (more for the hip parents, not many yummy foods), Bot: De redding van roest (oh my, this was cute and fun), Alias (OHHH, a crime novel by EB that I really enjoyed reading, well the side plot felt out of place), Blitz 7 (expected more potions less earth, but still a fun read), Hoe hors de kroonprins redde (easy to see who the prince was but I had such a great time reading this one), Feestdagenkookboek (yummy, even bought it later this week to add to my shelves as it was too good).

I tried and dropped: Heroine Complex (the superhero was annoying, plus the font just didn’t work out for me), Noodweer (way too dramatic/over the top).

So here is a new stack. Once again, I couldn’t pick so I just dumped a ton of books on the stack. Haha. This time also some newer books I bought 2 or so weeks ago as Halloween is over tomorrow and it is back to focussing on other books.

That is it! Wish me luck~ I hope everyone has a great Halloween/great Sunday and also a fab week, stay safe! Thanks for reading and be sure to let me know in the comments which books you want to read (or which book looks very interesting on my TBR). 😍

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