WWW Wednesday #9 ~ 13-10-2021

WWW Wednesday #9 ~ 13-10-2021

Evening all!!

Happy humpday and welcome to a shiny new WWW Wednesday~

So I got plenty of spooky books to share with you (plus one not-so-spooky). This Wednesday is a pretty good one, feeling much better than I did a few days ago (got a nasty cold) + I finally felt good enough to pick the apples in my tree. I got a pretty big haul out of it even despite being late in picking them. Cannot wait for Friday. So much baking is happening!

About WWW Wednesdays: WWW WednesdayΒ is a meme hosted by Sam ofΒ Taking on a World of Words. It is a fun way to show readers what you are reading, what you finished, what you want to read next.

The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently Reading:

Well, not technically reading them yet, haha, haven’t had time between finishing *points down below*, cooking, fixing things, picking apples, and some other stuff. But these two books are next to be read! One is a mystery involving Jane Austen which I got from the author and it is finally time to read it. It sounds absolutely fabulous and I hope I enjoy it as I could use a new MG mystery series! And the book on the right is a book about moms/parenting, a fiction with plenty of humour, so I am eager to get started and hope to be able to read it before it has to go back on Saturday (library time).
Recently Finished:
The Bewitching of Aveline Jones, Blue, Horror, Children's Books, Ghosts, Phil Hickes
With me being sick I finished a few books, but the best one of them is this one! The newest Aveline Jones and OH BOY I LOVED IT SO MUCH! It features witches, magic, friendship, spooky things, and more and I just FLEW through the book. There were a few moments that had me shaking my head (how she didn’t notice some things for instance). Look forward to a review in 7-10 days.
What I want to read next:

Oh man, it was so hard to just pick one as I got SO MANY books I want to read. But I managed in the end! This one. I am so happy the library had it. After being disappointed by her previous book I just wasn’t in the mood to buy the next one. It sounded good, but that is also what the book before that did. XD I am hoping for plenty of secrets + a pinch of murder. Β 

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