Autumn Questions Tag

Autumn Questions Tag

Hey all~

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Welcome to the Autumn Questions Tag!!! dances in leaves

So I was hunting for new tags to do as I was looking for something extra fun for my blog and I found this one. It is still fall/autumn so I am still good! XD Well, maybe for one question a bit late, but eh. shrugs

I found this tag over at Perfectly Tolerable, check out their post.


List the rules
Link to the creator (Beauty with Lauren)
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Answer the questions below
Tag 3 more bloggers to take part


1) What’s your favorite thing about Autumn?

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Um, EVERYTHING! Haha. Halloween is coming. The leaves are changing colour to yellow, orange, red. It is getting colder so I can finally drink some hot chocolate. Hearing the rain patter on my roof is perfection especially when one is reading/drinking tea and rain comes a bit more often in the autumn. Oh, and I can finally grab all my comfy sweaters and wear the heck out of them.

2) Are you taking part in Blogtober?

Well it is November, but yes, I did participate… well it is not technically Blogtober, more like my own version of it. I have October Horror Mystery Month Fest. Throughout the month October I post all the spookiness from tags to recommendations to reviews, everything! Plus, each day I got a special post to highlight books. This year the theme was Haunted Houses and Spooky Locations, Be Scared!. I featured books that I enjoyed/liked that featured scary places. One day we would go to spooky haunted houses and the next to island filled with scary beasts. And what next year will bring? You will have to wait, but yes I got a theme ready!

3) Favorite Autumnal Drink?

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Hot chocolate hands down! With some whipped cream it is perfection!

4) Favorite Autumn Candle?

I sadly cannot do scented candles due to my asthma. That stuff is bad for me. But if I could have a scented candle, I guess I would love one that smells like books, or leaves, or hot chocolate.

5) Favorite item of clothing for Autumn?

Sweaters and tights all the way. I got some very fluffy and big sweaters just waiting for me to be worn.

6) Do you decorate your house/room for Halloween/Autumn?

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YAS! First a bit for autumn with leaves here and there (thanks to my fantastic florist who is now also expanding to dried flowers/plants along with more autumny stuff) and then the whole inside of my house gets Halloweenified.

7) What do you do on Halloween?

Sadly, Halloween isn’t a thing here. Or at least not big. But each year I do try to make the best of it and watch scary movies, eat candy and popcorn, wear my favourite spooky outfit (got some amazing dresses from Large that fit perfect). Sadly, this year my mental health sucked and with Corona still around and living up, I just wasn’t in the mood for doing much scariness. In the end my hubby found a scary game and played that so I could play along/watch.


I tag all my readers! I am just not sure who has done this tag. It is not really a new tag, so I am sure plenty of my friends have done it already. I hope you all enjoyed this fun tag, I know I did!

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