Bookish Alphabet Tag!

Bookish Alphabet Tag!

Hey all~

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Welcome all to a new Bookish Tag! Today I am doing the Bookish Alphabet Tag, a tag I found in September and I have been looking forward to doing this one!

I am not sure who the original creator is (give me a shout-out if you do know), but I found the tag over at Lois Reads Books. Her post is here.

Here is what we are going to do. You select a book for each letter of the alphabet. You don’t have to own or have read the books. As always, articles that start the title with the, A, An, etc. don’t count. 

Of course, I am going to be trying to find a book with each letter of books I did read + own! I am going to scan and search through my shelves!~ Well, in the end I managed to find books for 24 letters! Only the X and Y I couldn’t find. So I went to GR for that. To see which books I read with those letters. Apparently two manga matched! Oh, and I would HIGHLY recommend all these books.

the A Circuit, Georgina Bloomberg, Catherine Hapka, Horses, New Adult
The Bad Guys: Episode 1, Aaron Blabey, Orange, Shark, Wolf, Piranha, Snake, Funny, Children's Books
Hotel Flamingo: Carnival Caper, Hotel Flamingo, Alex Milway, Orange, Colourful, Feathers, Bear, Girl, Lemur, Skunks, Parrot, Flamingo, Cover
Dramas of a Teenage Heiress, Blue, Red letters, Young Adult, Spoiled, Katy Birchall, Hotel, Young Adult
Etiquette & Espionage, Purple, Scissors, Dress, Gail Carriger, Finishing School, Young Adult, Boarding School, Mystery, Historical Fiction, Steampunk
Fangirl, Mental Health Fanfiction, Green, Boy, Girl, Laptop, College, Twins, Sister, Family, Rainbow Rowell
Granny Magic, Elka Evalds, Green, Yellow Ball of Yarn, Yarn, Old Lady, Knitting, Thread, Sheep, Children's Books, Magic
Hopeless, Colleen Hoover, Abuse, Romance, Drama, Girl, Clouds
It's Kind of a Funny Story, Ned Vizzini, Mental Health, Young Adult, Map, Head,
Jolly Foul Play, Boarding School, Murder, Robin Stevens, Murder Most Unladylike, Yellow, Friendship, Mystery
K-pop Confidential, Stephan Lee, Girls, Group of Girls, K-pop, Young Adult, Korea, Music, Dancing, Asia
The Last Kids on Earth, Dystopia, Post-Apocalypse, Max Brallier, Zombies, Monsters,
Monument 14, Emmy Laybourne, Dystopia, Post-Apocalypse, Store, Romance, Young Adult, Survival,
The Name of the Star, Jack the Ripper, Murder, Mystery, Ghosts, Boarding School, Young Adult, Maureen Johnson
Ottoline and the Yellow Cat, Ottoline, Chris Riddell, Fantasy, Mystery, Cat
Prom House, Chelsea Mueller, Murder, Secrets, Thriller, Horror, Murder, Party, Prom, House, Palm Trees, Rips
Queens of Geek, Jen Wilde, Pink Hair, Young Adult
Radiate, Marley Gibson, Yellow, Cheerleading, Cheerleader, Cancer, Young Adult, sports

Tsunami Girl, Blue, waves, Fox, Young Adult, Loss, Mourning, Panic Attacks, Mental Health, Japan, England, Beautiful, Heart-breaking,Julian Sedgwick, Chie Kutsuwada
Underwater, Marisa Reichardt, Mental Health, Young Adult, Couch, Water
Vampires Never Get Old: Tales with Fresh Bite, coffin, short stories, horror, vampires, magic, fantasy, red, coffin
Wicked Little Deeds, Kat Ellis, Horror, Young Adult, Girl, running, Blue, Yellow, Red
xxxHolic Rei, Manga, Fantasy, Paranormal

Project Z, A Zombie Ate My Homework, Zombies, Humour, Children's Books

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