Library Haul ~ 25-11-2021 (Library #3)

Library Haul ~ 25-11-2021 (Library #3)

Hey all~

Welcome to part #2 of the big Library Haul Before We Potentially Go Into Lockdown, up now is my Library #3 Haul. See here for Library #1.

So on Thursday there was lots of uncertainty over what will be happening. We know there are plans… but which one will they pick. As of writing this one (Friday just after 11am) there is still very little known about what our government is planning. So I decided on Thursday to just do a big haul. Last week I already went to Library #2 and #4 for a big haul (and I am struggling not to read any of those books as I want to have enough to read should we go into a big doom lockdown of weeks). And this week I wanted to visit Library #1 and #3. Plus, I had to bring back a book to Library #4 which meant I had two books room and decided to fill that gap up as well. 😝

In the afternoon I visited Library #1 and did some shopping for some items I needed + some tiny presents to go with my bigger presents (Christmas shopping, yas). And in the evening after dinner it was off to Library #3!

I felt sorry for the librarian, but then again, maybe they shouldn’t have closed off the machines to bring back books (no clue if they did it because it was this late, or if they just really didn’t work, I am still eyeing the first option). I have some heavy and chunky boys from the last haul and she had to hold them all while scanning it manually.

After that I could check out for new books! Found 4 books on the ground floor with the new releases there. Only found one book over at the children/YA section, as they were really focussing on the Christmas/Sinterklaas books. But that book I did find, I am pretty HYPED about that. A Becky Albertalli book I have been meaning to read, so yas! And then I just decided to fill up all the space I had with graphic novels and comics! Didn’t find the graphic novel I wanted last time but had to put back, hopefully next time. But I did find some other gems I cannot wait to read. Also took along another Vrouwen in ‘t Wit. My husband and I love the series and we still got a few left that we didn’t read. They aren’t easy to find, so it is always fun when you find one!

While I was totally knackered out and dead when I got outside of Library #3 I am happy I went. I am happy that I got plenty of new book babies to read and (hopefully) enjoy!

STATS: 12 books. 6 comics/GN, 5 non-fiction, 1 YA.

Pictures, Emoji, Cute

Book List, Emoji, Cute
Meikever by Janny Ruardy
Noah by Takis Würger
Kate in Waiting by Becky Albertalli
Bloemen drogen by Morgane Illes
Topaze #1 by Stoffel Hübsch
Vrouwen in ‘t wit #23 by Raoul Cauvin
Hunker Bunker by Reinhardt Croon
Een klein boekje #1 by Jim
Twee jaar vakantie #1 by Hamo
Mijn dochter, mijn kind by David Ratte
Waterval by Kitty Trepels van Mil
Dali en niets anders by Pere Véhi Contos

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