Library Haul ~ 4-11-2021 (Library #1)

Library Haul ~ 4-11-2021 (Library #1)

Afternoon all~

A happy welcome to a new Library Haul! Yesterday I visited Library #1!

I had to go to the city of Library #1 for a reason, lost my ID card and I had a suspicion where it was, but since they didn’t answer mails or whatever else I just thought I would visit. And I thought that I could also visit Library #1 when I was in the city. New books and hopefully my ID card back. XD

Library #1 was blissfully silent this week! I had two books I wanted to find and I hoped to also find plenty of other books to take home. I walked my routes through the library and yes, I did find a whole new stack of books, including some books I had spotted at Library #2 online What’s New Page, so I am hyped I don’t need to wait until my visit to Library #2 (since that won’t be until late November). I cannot wait to start reading these books. I am thinking of reading Laura’s book first!

Oh, and on my ID Card, they had it! I got it back, that is 80 euro saved. dances

STATS: 9 books. 2 comics, 3 non-fiction, 4 fiction.

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Book List, Emoji, Cute
De tweede vrouw by Astrid Witte
Delivery to the Lost City by P.G. Bell
De razende recordbrekers by Jenny Pearson
Een jaar met Wifi by Brenda Froyen
Onder tussen in by Lala Koubaa, Laura Janssen
De NIET enge dieren by Sophie Corrigan
Noorse sagen by Kevin Crossley-Hollan, Jeffrey Alan Love
Suske en Wiske Junior #5 by Kim Duchateau, Charel Cambré
Onklopbaar #2 by Pascal Jousselin

2 thoughts on “Library Haul ~ 4-11-2021 (Library #1)

  1. Lovely haul! I’m glad to see you using your library! So many posts like these are always buying books, but as someone who usually rents books from the library, it’s a nice change to see. Thank you for sharing! Let us know how they are.


    1. Thank you! Haha, yeah, I love using my libraries… maybe a bit too much! XD I can imagine/understand, it is quite rare to see library hauls on blogs! You’re welcome, and will do (either on here or on my Goodreads profile). Thanks for commenting~

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