Review for Alone in Space – A Collection

Review for Alone in Space – A Collection

Alone in Space - A Collection, Tillie Walden, LGBT, Anthologies, Love, Loss, Heartbreak, Tillie Walden, Fantasy, Illness, Family, comicsI received this one from the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

Multiple short stories are bundled in this pretty graphic novel by Tillie Walden. I was delighted I got the chance to read these as I have been trying to read more of TW.

The first story in this book was three parts about terminal disease, endless winter, cabin fever, paranoia, and tons of wtf is going on. At times I just didn’t have a clue what was happening which got worse as the story continued. The last part was just one big UM wait? Sexual abuse (at least I am guessing given things)? Murder of an animal in a gruesome way? The ending, I am still not sure what happened. But in overall, it was an interesting story with that long lasting winter and a house with tons of rooms, secret areas, and more. I am curious what kind of world has such long winters, and I wonder if the summers are also long.

The next story is about romance, about first love, about coming out, and breaking up. I loved how it was just one big page showing a scene in the lives of these girls. See them hang out, listen to music, cuddle up, see how they got together… but also ultimately break apart and see the heartache. This one was supersad and bittersweet. Really loved it. Loved that the colours throughout were black/white/purple, lots of purple.

Then next is a story about a girl? About a city? About love and leaving. I am still unsure what I was reading, haha, guess I am just not the audience for this one. It was beautiful but I just had no clue what was real and what just a memory. And then the ending just had me wondering if it was all a dream? Sorry if I am supposed to see something in this, but I just couldn’t. Maybe I will read again when my mind is clearer and less cluttered and chaotic.

Next up is a collection of comics. About all the things. Autobiographical and not. About home, school, family, and death (that one scene at the end of one of these comics shocked me). Including bits from the first story in which we see how Nemo and Lars met and got close. I was delighted to see some other season in this comic as well. Finally summer/spring! I loved the various art styles in this section.

And lastly we have Q&A with Tillie Walden and I was delighted that this one was added! I learned quite a few new things about this artist. I loved that this Q&A was also done in comic form.

All in all, I am happy I tried this bundle and got a chance to read it. The stories were a bit hit/miss, sometimes strange and what am I reading, other times heartbreaking and (bitter)sweet.

Star rating, 3 stars

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