Review for Cells at Work! Neo Bacteria!

Review for Cells at Work! Neo Bacteria!

Cells at Work! Neo Bacteria!, Biology, Manga, Romance, Confessions, Body, Health, Akane Shimizu, Haruyuki YoshidaI received this book from Netgalley/Kodansha in exchange of an honest review.

I was so excited to see more Cells at Work! I just love the main series and I am eagerly looking forward to spin-offs and sequels. So this one I had to request! Thanks to Kodansha for approving me!

This one has a different format than all the Cells at Work! I read so far. We often do read about the host, but that is it. In this one we get to see both the inside of the body and the host itself. It took me a while to start liking that format. I just want to see the cells. XD That is what I came here for. But after the second chapter I was more into this format, still not my favourite though, but I am liking it.

We have two protagonists, Bifi a cell at work in the body and then there is Ayumu, the host of the body. We see how both are working hard. Ayumu is trying to confess her feelings to her crush but doesn’t dare to. In the three respective chapters we see her diet in the wrong way (not eating/eating less) which causes stomach pains and constipation, we see her skin break out and her finding out how to treat that. And in the last one she gets gastroenteritis. Yep, this girl isn’t having the best time of her life. I am glad that she has a good friend and a school nurse to help her out with her problems. The nurse is really wonderful and explains all the things to Ayumu. I am not sure how I felt about Ayumu. At times she was very sweet, but she just made some really dumb decisions.
I did find myself rooting for her to finally tell Aoi her feelings.

And then there is Bifi, the other protagonist. She is working hard in the body and doing her best to get the body healthy. I am not too sure if her intentions are pure at times given how much she wants the commander (the very precious and sweet) to notice her and compliment her. Yep, she is just like Ayumu (and looks like her too).

I did have fun seeing things happen in the body, though it was pretty rough and reminded me of the more dark Cells at Work manga/anime. I felt sorry for the cells. Though sorry those acetic acid beams? They made me laugh so much. XD I did love how everyone was rooting for their host to confess and do better in life!

I loved learning more about cells, about the body, about various things that happen in your body and the important bits that make sure things go right (or go wrong as we also see those).

The art is not entirely my cup of tea, but it was fun at times.

All in all, I am glad that this is just one volume. It was fun, but the format didn’t work for me entirely + I just wasn’t so much invested in the characters.

Star rating, 2.5 stars

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