Review for Cells at Work! White Brigade, Vol.1

Review for Cells at Work! White Brigade, Vol.1

Cells at Work! White Brigade, Akane Shimizu, Tetsuji Kanie, Manga, Biology, Humour, Action, White Blood Cells, Body, HealthI received this book from Netgalley/Kodansha in exchange of an honest review.

The second of the Cells at Work manga I got from Netgalley this round and I was VERY HYPED about this one. Because I just love the White Blood Cells, they are kick-ass and strong. So I was looking forward to what kind of story we would get in this new series featuring the awesome WBC!

First up, EEEP, 1146 is also present!! He is my FAVOURITE (sorry, this needs to be in caps) White Blood Cell and I am hyped that he is part of the team/the story. I hadn’t expected him, such a wonderful surprise. Also happy to see 3 other White Blood Cells popping along that I know from the other series. Great that we are following this team in this book.

And we are following them through the eyes of a new recruit, a Band Cell! I kind of forgot what that was, but thankfully the book explains what that kind of cell is. Simply put, an immature WB cell! In this fun and hilarious and action-packed (as expected given how blood-thirsty the WBC are) manga we follow this Band Cell and his team of superiors as they beat up baddies, help him out with learning all the things he needs to learn so he can become a great WBC. Like playing tag. Which sounds like not something handy, but actually lets him learn the layout of the body! Also, tag with WBC… you can only just guess how that one goes. XD In the other chapters we learn what the WBC eat, and get some fancy cooking (not improving the flavour though), we see the Kill T Cells, and cute kids and more. Oh and some cute 4-komas! I just had so much fun reading this one, so glad that the WBC team isn’t failing me… unlike that other Cells at Work manga I recently read about Neo Bacteria.

I loved that you can keep learning new things about the body and that we get explanations on every corner. Yes, sometimes it is a bit repetitive because they repeat a ton of things, but mostly I am happy with it.

I also love that we saw various other characters from the Cells at Work series and I just went squee when I saw those adorable photographs of our WBC when they were young. Sooo cute!

I love the art in this one, I just love how well each design fits the cells. The WBC look a bit manic. The Killer T’s look strong and scary. The platelets are adorable. I love that the art stays close to the original (given that this one isn’t done by the same artist just supervised).

Now I just hope that the Macrophage cells also get a manga adaptation! I need that so much!

I would highly recommend this manga to all! This was just too much fun!

Star rating, 5 stars

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