Review for Don’t Break the Oath: Women of Horror Anthology, Volume 4

Review for Don’t Break the Oath: Women of Horror Anthology, Volume 4

Don't Break the Oath: Women of Horror Anthology, Volume 4, Jill Girardi, Janine Pipe, Meghan Arcuri, Angela Yuriko Smith, Anna Taborska, K.P. Kulski, Sonora Taylor, Jennifer Soucy, Alyson Faye, Lydia Prime, Marie McWilliams, R.A. Busby, Roxie Voorhees, Holley Cornetto, Caryn Larrinaga, Samantha Ortiz, Jessica Burgess, Kirby Kellogg, Cecilia Kennedy, Sheela Kean, Charlotte Platt, Tracy Cross, Melissa Ashley Hernandez, C.C. Winchester, Ariel Dodson, Cassie Daley, Horror, Anthology, Short Stories, Ghost, Boy, Scary, Death, Mourning, Hell, Monsters, Robots, Gore, Disgusting, DemonsI received this book from the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I was totally hyped when I was offered a review copy for this book! I still need to read Volumes 2 and 3, but I really enjoyed 1 so I was excited to read more horror stuff~

Like any anthology this was a collection with good stories, an epic story (Bloody Mary YAS), and some stories I just didn’t like. I even DNF one because the topic + how gross it was the first pages. At the moment my mental health isn’t too good so reading about body image just didn’t work out for me. Some of the stories could be more expanded and get a better ending because it just felt a bit abrupt ending-wise. Like with the Coachman’s Cottage, it was creepy and scary but the ending came out of nowhere and I just would have like a bit more. Some stories were quite gross. But there were also enough stories that had me on the edge of my seat and surprised me with twists and turns. Like the man who went to hell for his girl, well I didn’t see that one coming. Or the surprise in Shoot Your Shot. There was a portion of karma doled out in some of the stories. There are stories about hell and monsters about love and loss. About revenge and kicking some serious ass when you need to. I am very happy I had the chance to read this book! There were some very great stories and that Bloody Mary one I won’t forget any time soon, or the Black-eyed Susan. Oh my!

That cover is also just pure epicness! So scary!

I rated each story, plus gave three feelings/thoughts I had reading:

What the Sea Gives: Star rating, 4 stars – Bittersweet, beautiful, strange
Black-Eyed Susan: Star rating, 4.5 stars – Scary, WTF, NOPE
The Silver Horn: Star rating, 5 stars – TERRIFYING, nomnoms, run
Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Star rating, 4.5 stars – Cats, Disturbing, OMG
Shoot Your Shot: Star rating, 0.5 stars – NOPE, EWW, Twist!
Follow You Into the Dark: Star rating, 4.5 stars – Karma, revenge, scary
The Groom of Lorelei: Star rating, 2 stars – Boring, Too Long, Predictable
The Coachman’s Cottage: Star rating, 3 stars – Too short, Scary, NOPE
Capable of Loving: Star rating, 2 stars – Disturbing, Not my cup of tea, Boring
Little Pig: Star rating, 4.5 stars – OMG OMG OMG, Cats again, WTF NOPE
Perfect Girlfriend: Star rating, 2.5 stars – Interesting POV, Weird, Confused
Misneach: Star rating, 4 stars – Not what I expected, weird, too short
The Kinda True Story of Bloody Mary: – YASSSSSSSS, Bloody, THAT ENDING
Close to You: Star rating, 2.5 stars – What happened?, Confusing, Bittersweet
Sharp Spaces: Star rating, 1.5 stars – This is good, Wait what?, NO….
An Agreement: Star rating, 4 stars – Creepy, Obsessed much?, Karma
Four Corners: Star rating, 3 stars – Hell??, Don’t go to the office, OMG OMG OMG/Confused
Lady Killer: Star rating, 4 stars – Creepy, Scary, OMG THAT ENDINGGGGGGGGG
Subscribe for More: Star rating, 3.5 stars – Didn’t expect that, Welcome to hell????, NOPITY NOPE WTF?
The Trial of…: Star rating, 4 stars – Witch Trials, Unexpected and didn’t see that coming, WOAH RIP
Seeds: Star rating, 3.5 stars – Messed Up, What am I reading?, Run run run away
Soul Grinder: Star rating, 4 stars – Original Idea, WELP/EWW, GO GO GIRL!
Fluid: DNF. – Not in the right mind for this one. Plus, EWWW.

I would give this anthology….. Star rating, 4 stars stars!!!

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