Review for God Creates a Snake

Review for God Creates a Snake

God Creates a Snake, Charles Peterson, Brian Russell, Snake, Humour, Picture Book, Silly, GodA really fun short book on how snakes got created~ 100% silly.

So, I absolutely love the God Creates tweets on Twitter and was delighted when I found out there was a book (God Creates Penguins), however I didn’t know there was also a snake book, but my husband did (he is also a big big fan). When he saw I was excited he decided to buy both the books for us. And here we are for the first book!

In this hilarious book we see the writer/the illustrator as receptionists (I recognise them from their avatars/art they use for themselves on Twitter) at Creation Station and we see that in the waiting room there is a snake and another animal waiting for God to call them. To get created. To get finished up for creation. To hear what is going to happen next and what is in store for them. The one thing all animals want to know. When the snake gets called in, I just loved how God was drawn. Like a big human man, but with galaxy skin. We read all that snakes can do and we see the snake getting hyped (which I would also do).. and then comes a twist! I won’t spoil what, but really, I was in stitches. Oh dear! XD But I would have done the same as the snake. Haha, because seriously, what is up with that?

I just love this book and love that it adds more dimension to the tweets by adding fabulous art. It makes things even funnier. Brian Russell is a perfect match as illustrator.

I do hope that next to this book and the penguin book we get more books about God Creates animals, because there are still plenty of tweets that I would love to see illustrated.

All in all, highly recommended. It is short but it is very funny. I think this will appeal to both adults and kids.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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