Review for God Creates Penguins

Review for God Creates Penguins

Charles Peterson, Brian Russell, Snake, Humour, Picture Book, Silly, God, God Creates PenguinsThe second book in the series and this time we get to see some adorable penguins!

I am so happy that my husband decided to buy these books for us! He still has plenty to read (and I keep on getting good comics and books from the library that I recommend to him…) so I am the first one to read these books! Just like the snake book (see review here) I had tons of fun reading this one!

In this one we are back again at the Creation Station (still a wonderful name) and this time it is creation time for a couple of cute penguins! They will get to God and he will tell them all about their lives. From what they are able to do to where they will live. I loved how enthusiastic God and the penguins were and how the penguins had big dreams each time something new was mentioned. I loved to read where they were going to live and had a big laugh at how God thought of an elaborate plan for the penguins to decide who was going where. Oh Lord. I had a laugh what happens next.

The ending, loved it. Yes, you penguins are birds…. but um.. flying is going to be a bit different. XD It is indeed one of the mysteries, why penguins are birds yet cannot fly to save their lives.

I loved the illustrations and loved that on the board behind the receptionists we see a picture of snake! Also be sure to check out the endpapers.

I cannot wait to see who is next to be created and what kind of silly things happen there.

I would recommend this book to all who loves the tweets these books are based on or to all who is just in for a fun book!

Star rating, 4.5 stars


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