Review for Haggis and Tank #3: Howl at the Moon

Review for Haggis and Tank #3: Howl at the Moon

Howl at the Moon, Haggis and Tank Unleashed, Jessica Young, James Burks, Imagination, Adventure, Friendship, Children's Books, Scotland, Humour, Puns, Animals, Comics, Bagpipe, CastleA fun imaginary adventure featuring two dogs, Tank and Haggis!

I came across this one in the library and I was instantly interested. It sounded like a cute and fun book. Plus, hello, visiting Scotland (real or not) is a dream of mine, so I wanted to go along with this duo.

In this one we meet Haggis and Tank. Tank is a big Great Dane whereas Haggis is a dapper Scottie Dog. They are best of friends though we can clearly see that Haggis sometimes needs a time out from his very enthusiastic big friend. XD

Given the cover and the blurb I had expected these two to really go on an adventure. Really went to Scotland. But instead it is all imaginary. Something the blurb on my book didn’t mention. I was a tad disappointed, but then the adventure really started and I was fully into it. Didn’t mind it was all imaginary, in fact I was curious to see how far their adventure would go. What kind of things they would encounter and see. And they come across a big Scottish castle. With plenty of treats, great books, a bagpipe (as expected), but also a big werewolf. And he doesn’t seem too happy with our duo visiting his home.

I loved all the puns and other wordplay. There is Rrufff weather ahead, clouds/fog tastes like ice cream/when Haggis asks if Tank wants some sugar she replies:”Thanks! That’s sweet of you.”. And there is plenty more! It made me laugh and I had fun seeing what they would come up with next.

I also loved that this was a comic/graphic novel. And I absolutely enjoyed the style of the art. I need to check out what James Burks has done other than this series.

All in all, an imaginary fun story with two fantastic characters (Tank is my favourite) and a great adventure. Hopefully I can find the other books one day!

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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