Review for Happy Narwhalidays

Review for Happy Narwhalidays

Happy Narwhalidays, Ben Clanton, Friendship, Comics, Cute, Holidays, Christmas, Children's Books, Narwhal, Jelly, Sea, Ocean, FactsIt is time for some hollyjolly holidays with Narwhal and Jelly!

Finally my library had this book! I really like this series and was surprised to find the newest book at one of my libraries. English books are still not that easily found and I hadn’t expected to find this series. dances

It feels a bit weird to read this one during Halloween/Spooktober (read this one on October 5th), but I just couldn’t wait until November or December. Way too far away. So some Christmas in with the spooky, oh well, if Jack Skellington can do it. XD

In this book it is time for Christmas and all the animals are excited for it. Well, except Jelly because he doesn’t know about it and just wishes things were warmer (which I could understand). Thankfully he has a friend like Narwhal who is more than eager to sing songs, make wafflepudding (which sounds both yum and eww), and tell Jelly all about presents and the Merry Mermicorn. I had fun seeing Narwhal explain it all to him. Jelly was a tad grumpy in my eyes, but then again he is cold and he is generally the more neutral one out of the two friends. I was happy that he got a bit less grumpy as the story continued and I loved when Jelly found a present and he went on a quest to find one for Narwhal!

The in-between story about the jellybean flavour… not a fan. I was glad when that one was over.

The ending to the book? Really enjoyed it and I had a giggle at that last page.

I loved the songs included and found myself singing along with them! Will be making a photograph of them so when Christmas comes I can sing them~ Cannot wait!

As always the art is just so good, I really love it!

Definitely would recommend this one for the holidays, fun songs, waffle pudding and presents~

Star rating, 4 stars

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