Review for Kate on the Case

Review for Kate on the Case

Kate on the Case, Orange, Mouse, Tiger, MysteryA fun adorable children’s book with plenty of great characters, a fun mystery, and a giant ROAR!

So Amazon FINALLY had this one in stock and I finally could get it. I have been eyeing this book for months now. Been searching for a cute new children’s book with mystery series to eagerly (and impatiently) wait for. XD

In this book we meet Kate and her little mouse Rupert. They are on their way, along with their dad, to go meet up their mom on the arctic. And no, they aren’t going by plane. Or boat. Nope, we get a steam train ride. And of course, this wouldn’t be a train ride otherwise, there is a big fat mystery. Sorry, for me steam trains are synonymous with mystery. In this one things get stolen one by one, a pack of ginger nuts (eww, no one will miss those, right?), trophies, and more. Kate is on the case and I just loved seeing her investigate and even more loved how her dad was pretty much OK with it (well, until that one big appearance, then he was all about protecting). It was great to see her try to puzzle things together and I found myself rooting for her.

But there is a big surprise waiting for Kate, a surprise that made me giggle and get very hungry. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I will just keep it vague.

I always love it when books show us the inside of books that characters are reading/using. In this one Kate has a very big favourite book by Catherine Rodríquez and it gives all sorts of mystery tips and details on how to solve mysteries, do investigations, and more. Love it and wouldn’t mind the book to be made real.

I did have to get used to the fact that animals can talk, at first I thought it was just that Kate could understand animal language, but later on we meet another animal who can also talk and others understand him. However, it does seem not animals can talk, like the cat of Madame Maude. So I am still a bit confused on the matter, but I did like it a lot. Loved the conversations between Kate and her best friend Rupert.

I also loved the colours in this one, always adore it when children’s book pick a colour and stick to it. In this book it is orange. Orange illustrations, orange text, orange pages. I hope that the next has this colour or… even more exciting, a new one! I cannot wait.

The illustrations are just the best! I love how the characters were drawn and I loved the little details everywhere. Plus, maps!

All in all, when can I expect the next one? Because I need the next book. I would recommend this adorable, fun, mysterious book with a great character to all!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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