Review for Kiss My Crown

Review for Kiss My Crown

Kiss My Crown, Alexis Noelle, Pink, Girl, Princess, theme park, romance, humourA funny/sexy book about a woman who is a princess in a theme park and the love trials she goes through.

I just LOVE book about theme parks especially when they bring some hot romance along! And this book was just all that!

Meet Kate, a princess in the park and just about to break up with her boyfriend who is apparently sticking his dick in everyone… I loved how she broke up with him, I knew right then that I would laugh so much! Kate is pretty kick-ass and I loved her and her friends together, but while I for most did like Kate.. at times I just found her WAY too harsh and judgemental and at times I just wanted to stop reading. Thankfully, something happens and I am into the story again, but yeah. I don’t mind a character who is vocal and who dares to tell the world as it is, but her constant remarks on fairies being headless/dumb/stupid/brainless/whores and not only those but also others just went too far. Once is funny, twice is OK, thrice is just no girl. I also found it a bit weird that she didn’t even say sorry or checked up on Justin after the disastrous sex toy and drawer combination date night.

I loved Dani and Melanie, Kate’s two best friends/roommates. They were just so great. Melanie the evil queen who doesn’t have an evil bone in her body and is sick and tired of the boos. Dani who is a fairy (but as Kate would tell us many times, she’s got brains at least). I loved how supportive they were, but also weren’t afraid to make a bit of fun of Kate and her love trials. I loved how they took care of her when she needed some good friends to drag her out whatever mood.

The romance between Justin and Kate was just wonderful. Great sex scenes (and some hilarious and painful ones, OUCH). And I loved the puns. I was at first worried that maybe it wouldn’t go anywhere with Justin/Kate, so I rooted very hard for them. It was a shame about that drama/thing that got in between. As I said, Kate is a bit too judgy at times and that annoyed me. This could just all have been avoided if Kate wasn’t so judgemental/so wanting to be seen as good by others. I was rooting she would make the right decision.

The ending was just the best. I am glad that she decided on that choice and that she just went for it. It does fit her much better than the princess, and on the plus side, no more heels. XD

I am sad to see that Dani/Melanie’s books never came. I was absolutely HYPED when I spotted the mention of those two books and the above message that they were coming around 2017.. well it is 2021 now, where are they???? I need more? You can’t just tease me and then drop away?

All in all, I am very happy I read this book, I laughed and snickered at all that happened. I loved that it was set in a theme park. The romance was top-notch. Plenty of humour.

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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