Review for Maggie Sparks and the Monster Baby

Review for Maggie Sparks and the Monster Baby

Maggie Sparks and the Monster Baby, Steve Smallman, Esther Hernando, Green, Sparks, Magic, Brother, Sister, Fantasy, Children's Books, Humour, I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

A cute and magical book about a little girl, Maggie, who gets a little brother… and isn’t happy with him. I just flew through this book and I am even happier that I decided to just read it on my phone (despite that making my eyes hurt) because my e-reader had zero illustrations and apparently the original file did have illustrations, even A LOT of them. And this is why, publishers, please just make it all mobi/epub. Not freaking PDF.

Meet Maggie, a girl who is a witch and who can do some really good magic despite her age. We see how she tries to handle having a little brother and also gain attention of her parents. From witching her burp to be a megaburp to defeat her brothers icky burps to magicking her toys and stuff to float on the ceiling (which doesn’t end well) to many other things. I had fun seeing her go through the days though I was also hoping that she would start to accept her brother. At least a little bit. He is not so bad, but I can imagine her feelings.

The ending and her trick there had me laughing especially seeing how the result was. Oh Maggie. XD Though soon I also just wanted to scoop her up and help her out. I am glad though that she was able to find someone. And what happens next made me smile. The brother was just adorable (and my guess was right on what he meant to say) + I am proud of the parents.

One thing though, I would have loved to see the parents do a bit more of an effort to get Maggie to get used to her little brother. And maybe should have prepared her a bit more on the whole thing. XD At times I could definitely imagine why Maggie did what she did. It wasn’t always the best solution, but for a tiny girl who feels alone it was a solution she thought was best.

The illustrations, OMG I just adored those. They were so cute and fun and fitted really well with the story.

I definitely would like more Maggie Sparks, I am curious what is next in the life for this little girl and what kind of magic she will do next!

Star rating, 4 stars

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