Review for Merry Little Wishing Spritz

Review for Merry Little Wishing Spritz

Witches, Fantasy, Magic, Paranormal Romance, Romance, Merry Little Wishing Spritz, Cherie Colyer, Christmas, Girl, Cat, Houses, Holidays,Christmas, spells, romance, books, and more! This was just a wonderful fun novella!

So I was part of the Book Blast for this one and just had to pick it up to read as well. It just sounded too cute and magical. And it was! Also, I really wanted to know who got the mint bark. XD

In this one we meet a modern witch named Cassie who isn’t too happy to hear that she will soon be homeless and that the bookstore she lives above will disappear. I could definitely imagine that she was struggling with her feelings when she falls head over heels for the man planning to destroy her home, I would also have been swinging from left to right. Should I kiss him? Hit him? Cover him in snow? Something else? So I had fun seeing Cassie try to figure out her feelings, and then also wonder if it is all the work of a spell… or something else. I really loved Cassie as a character, she is sweet, works hard, and is dedicated. I loved seeing her use her magic (especially to make sure the whole place doesn’t collapse in a heap of rubble) and loved that they could also bake cookies with a hint of magic (now I want one btw). I found myself rooting for her and hoping that she was able to do something to keep this store intact. Something so that people can still get books.

Jack was just so swoony! I had a suspicion about him from the start and with each new hint my suspicion grew and I was eager to see him confess what he is hiding. I loved that he at first was very much about getting the contract, make sure his plans come true.. but then we see him along with Cassie and see how important the store is. I loved seeing him chance bit by bit and be more open about maybe doing something else along with his plans. He was also such a sweet guy, so at times I felt a bit sorry for him when Cassie lashed out to him. He did try his best. He did try to make people happy.

I loved seeing the two get closer and have some very close encounters (sadly, no kissing until later) and I was just cheering for these two to get together.

Oh, and extra points to the wonderful Peyton. She was such a great character!

The ending made me smile so much, it was just so sweet and fun and fitted perfectly with the story.

All in all, if you are into a sweet swoony Christmas story I would recommend this one.

Star rating, 5 stars

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