Review for Narwhal’s Otter Friend

Review for Narwhal’s Otter Friend

Narwhal's Otter Friend, Narwhal and Jelly, Otter, Jellyfish, Narwhal, Comics, Facts, Children's Books, Animals, Funny, Friendship, Waffles, Ben ClantonThis fourth book and this time we meet a new friend, hype over waffles, and there is a dash of jealousy.

I was delighted to find more of this series at Library #4, I hadn’t expected that because they are so tiny (and generally tiny libraries mean that English books are either not there are even harder to find). Now I could finally read the whole series, or well, up to newest.

In this hilarious and cute book we get a new friend for Narwhal and Jelly. Say hello to Otty who is otterly enthusiastic about… well… everything. XD I had great fun hearing all his fabulous tales of awesomeness. If they are true, we don’t know, but I wouldn’t mind imaging them possible. XD I loved Otty and I loved seeing Narwhal get 100% enthusiastic and of course, as expected, hyped about waffles. I loved seeing these two together and think of all the adventures.

There are also otterly fun facts about Otters, and in a jealous mood, also Jellyfish. I had fun reading both of these facts. Nothing new to learn, but I still love that they are added to the book.

I wasn’t a fan of Jelly in this one. I mean, I understand his POV as well, but just because you are best friends with someone doesn’t mean that person has to be with you 24/7 or be your only friend. People are allowed to expand and find other friends, and yes, that may mean that they won’t be around you for all day.

The in between comic that popped up with the egg? Not a fan.

In overall, I had tons of fun reading this one. Cute ending, cute new friend that I hope we will be seeing more of, and waffles!

Star rating, 3 stars

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