Review for Ready, Set, Build!

Review for Ready, Set, Build!

Meg Fleming, Dog, Bird, Construction, House, Cute, Picture Book, Jarvis, Children's BooksA very cute and fun book about making your own house!

I read this one in English but had so much fun reading it that I decided to write my review in English, I just want to share this book with all my English readers.

In this little square carton board we meet a small blue dog who wants to make a fun house for him and his friend, a green bird. Each page is a different thing he needs to do for his house. From basic safety to yummy lunches to measuring it twice, a lot is needed before one can make a beautiful house! I had a ton of fun watching the little dog make his drawings come to life, and loved that while his drawings weren’t too good, his house is lovely.

The ending had me smiling and I definitely wanted a second book to see this new project come to life.

The art wasn’t always my thing, which is a shame because I normally like Jarvis’ illustrations. 🙁

But all in all, a lovely book perfect for little kids who want to build their own house~

Star rating, 4 stars

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