Review for Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Mermaid

Review for Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Mermaid

Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Mermaid by Rhiannon Fielding, Chris Chatterton, Mermaids, Bedtime, Cute, Adorable, Children's Books, Picture Book, FantasyMy third book in the series and BOY it was once again superduper adorable~

It this one we meet Splash, a tiny little mermaid who lives in a big palace. Though for most of the book we don’t see her near the palace, she is having all the adventures and I was so happy I could swim along with her and see all the fun she had in the 10 minutes before bedtime. And just like all the other books it seems like 10 minutes stretches out really far given all these little kids get up to. In this one our little one pets a couple of adorable turtles, flees from a shark, swims with a shoal of fish, and so much more. Definitely the best 10 minutes ever! Love that the shark was added to show that while underwater is all fun, there are also dangers.

Loved that everyone was telling her how long she still had. From her grandfather’s voice in the deep to the fish she swims with. I didn’t find it annoying as I thought I would have when we got it the first two times. In fact I found it cute. And loved that Splash was cramming as much fun as she could before she would sleep.

The ending was just so sweet and just like all the others, I am glad that the kids also understand that sleep is something important! That after a day of playing it is good to just lie down and have great dreams!

The art, WOW, again, WOW, I just love the style and with each book I love it more and more. The colours are just fab, and I love how the characters are drawn.

All in all, highly recommend once again. I will be buying some more books in this series very soon. I need all the books! I need more cute!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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