Review for The Impossible Road Trip

Review for The Impossible Road Trip

The Impossible Road Trip, Eric Dregni, Orange/Red, Road Trip, Roadside Attractions, Travelling, Non-Fiction, Photographs, VW Bus, America, US,I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So, I just ADORE reading about roadside attractions from America, I mean, they all sound so interesting and I would just love to go to the US and go to a few of these. Sadly, not into going to the US for many reasons, so thankfully there are books like this and plenty of shows that talk about roadside attractions looks at Gravity Falls roadtrip episode.

In this one we travel through the 50 states of American and see all the weird, wonderful, strange, and interesting attractions from past and present. From diners (which I learned were at first trains just plonked on a spot) to giant termites and giant cows (which I both want to see now) to big dog statues you can sleep in to towers both viking and of the plague variety to Lucy the Elephant to sleeping underwater to so much more and I was enjoying each and every page of this delightful book. There is also plenty of information about people who made attraction/who were famous for doing stuff. The author really has a great writing style that keeps you engaged and makes it fun to read. I love that some of these were for promoting something which just made me smile. Indeed, why make a sign when you can make a big termite or a real shell for your gas stations? I didn’t even know there was so much and I love that while there are copies of things that you can see who put in the most effort and who just wanted to copy but failed. XD

There are plenty of photographs, illustrations, and more.

All in all, if you want to go on a road trip but can’t, or just want to know more about roadside attractions, I would recommend this fun book!

Star rating, 4 stars

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