Review for The Inheritance Games

Review for The Inheritance Games

The Inheritance Games, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Inheritance, Young Adult, Stairs, Love Triangle, Mystery, Puzzles, RiddlesA book that sounded like it had a lot of potential… but it just didn’t click with me.

Phew, it took me around 5 days to get through this book, but I did it! Why did I continue? Why didn’t I drop? Because something kept me reading, I am just not sure what it was. XD

This was one of my most OMG need to read books of 2020 and my library finally had a copy of it in stock this year. So of course I had to bring it home.

The book should have been everything I wanted. A dash of romance, tons of riddles/puzzles, an inheritance inherited by someone who doesn’t have anything to do with the whole family. But sadly… it just didn’t click with me. Not once did I feel the connection. Not once did I think that I should continue reading and reading and reading. I just kept taking breaks. Kept stopping. The riddles were just not that hard. The puzzles were a bit lacklustre given what we find out about the old man and his obsession with puzzles. Avery could have been described better (I literally don’t know anything about her other than hazel eyes and ash brown hair (??), and she fitted a form made for her (that is how it felt, sorry if the description is a bit weird) and I would have liked to see her do more.

Then there is the love triangle… everyone who knows me know I HATE those. It rarely gets done very well. In this one it is also pretty much instalove which also frustrates me. Yes, you have some sexy hot guys in your house, but do you need to lust after them immediately? I just couldn’t see much of a click/connection/sparks between them. Both of the guys went so back/forth in how they felt about Avery and Jameson and his constant nicknames was just a turn-off for me. XD Also, when we find out more about Emily I was even more turned away from the whole love triangle we have. It just made it weird and awkward.

I also had to re-read some sentences as they were weird. At one point Avery mentions this nugget: “Not just Avery Kylie Grambs, born on the day that Emily McLaughlin had died..” . Which just confused the hell out of me as to me that sounded like she was born on that specific day, not that she had a birthday. I had to go back through the book because now I was confused. Emily died a year ago? Right? Not 16/17 years ago? Right?

I am glad we got some hints on why Avery was selected though I really hope there is more to it because it was very anti-climatic. I had expected WAY more given that the book is so teasing about it and makes it seem like such a big deal. But then that gets mentioned and I was like, that is it? WTF?

Will I be reading the next book? VERY unsure. On the one hand I want to find out what is going on with Avery. Hope she FINALLY decides on a boy instead of doing the same thing as Emily did. But on the other hand, I don’t want another 5 days of more again that I struggle through things. No thank you.

Star rating, 2.5 stars

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