Review for The Same But Different Too

Review for The Same But Different Too

The Same But Different Too, Karl Newson, Kate Hindley, Different but same, Animals, Picture Book, Kids, Children's Books,An adorable book by Karl Newson (with adorable art by Kate Hindley) about opposites… but how we are also all the same!

I have had this book on my library shelves for a while now and yesterday I found it high time to read it. I was in the mood for something cute, something fun, and I knew I would find it with this book.

In this book we meet various kids and animals and learn what is different between them. Like the kid who is just quietly playing with blocks… but next to him is a lion! The kid is quiet and the lion is LOUD. At one point we see a breakfast table and see how everyone drinks and eats and how different that is between the animals and the kids. And so the book continues with adorable examples and cute illustrations to go with it. I really had fun flipped to each page and see what animals and what differences we would get. Around half though I was wondering when we would get to celebrate the whole but despite all this we aren’t that different, I mean, I love the comparisons. I love the choices in animals. The art was cute. But I wanted that connection. And that doesn’t happen until the end of the book with the last few pages. I would have just liked that done a bit better. Come out a bit stronger. The ending was still cute (it made me aww), but it could be more.

I also loved seeing so many kids in various shapes and sizes, even a kid in a wheelchair! That made me happy~

The art, OMG, Kate Hindley did it again. Her style is just the cutest and I am happy to have read a whole book with her art!

All in all, despite the repetition this was a cute and positive book and I am happy I had the chance to read it.

Star rating, 4 stars

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