Review for The Whale Library

Review for The Whale Library

The Whale Library, Zidrou, Judith Vanistendael, Whale, Post, Mail, Pregnancy, Library, Sad, Beautiful, LyricalI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I spotted this book yesterday (Nov 5th) on Netgalley and when I saw it was Zidrou (fav writer/artist) and Judith Vanistendael (great artist), I just knew I had to get it. And then I thought I would read a few pages.. well I can tell you that I ended up reading the whole book, much to the hilarity of my husband who was wondering why I wasn’t responding. XD

In this gorgeous book we learn of a mailman, but not just any mailman, a guy who rows in his boat to deliver mail to boats and other places on sea. We also learn of a big big whale, a beautiful whale who is something very special, she is a library! Yep. Fish (and later the mailman) all get to read books there. These two have a chance encounter at night and that is how they become fast friends. I just loved reading about the mailman and the mail he brought and I loved the conversations between the whale and the man. The blushes. The books. The talks about books. But also the talk about how afraid she is for the whalers (bah, stupid whalers). I just loved how they bonded.

I would have loved to hop into the library myself. Look up a book, ask the librarian octopus for the book, then snuggle up and read it. It is such a magical place.

Next to mail and a bit of history about that and also the whale we also see the mailman’s wife. Who is very pregnant. We don’t see a lot of her, but there are parts with her, mostly with her waiting. Waiting. Hoping that her husband comes back safe again. I was a bit angry that the guy left when his wife was super-pregnant, I get he needed to deliver the mail, but why couldn’t he ask someone else?

The ending though, OMG, I think I could have expected it, but it just came like a slap. It was painful and I was crying. It was horrible. Horrific. WTF. NOPE. But after that event we also see hope. We see a community get together. Work together. Save things. That is all I want to tell. But really, it was so painful I just had to look away. Read. Look Away. 🙁

The art is just absolutely stunning and fits so well with this gorgeous and beautiful graphic novel/book. Wonderful use of colours. Love it all.

I could probably talk more, but I will just end it here. I would highly recommend this beautiful, heartbreaking, gorgeous, special book to all.

Star rating, 5 stars

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