Review for Thunder Down Under

Review for Thunder Down Under

Thunder Down Under, Timothy Knapman, Steve James, Humour, Farts, Animals, Funny, children's books, Picture booksA fun book about farts, animals, and to not overlook someone who is small.

I read this book in Dutch (with a fantastic title: Wie liet daar zijn billen trillen) but decided to share this fart-tastic book with my English readers as well.

In this hilarious book we see a horde of animals being happy that they can finally have some fun. But in their rush they forget to see what is on the ground, a small animal. Who is SO DONE with the big animals not noticing him. The next moment a BRAAAP a SLURP a POOOOOOOTT and more sounds come by along with a big green cloud and I was completely in stitches. OMG, what a fart. And I knew instantly who it was. I would have so done the same. XD

Sadly, after that fantastic opener it went downhill a bit. The animals argue among themselves over who it could be and ignore the little dude down on the floor (despite him trying with all his might to get animals to notice him). While I wasn’t a fan of the arguing and the repetitiveness of the little guy being ignored… I did love all the fart terminology that popped up during the arguments. There is truly a lot of ways to say someone has farted or that fart could only come from x animal.

The ending, OH BOY, I was laughing. Go go! I would have also trumpeted with my butt! If that is what it takes!

The art was pretty nicely done, I especially loved the animals faces during the farts. XD

All in all, I had fun reading this one and would recommend it.

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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