Review for Trash and Treasure

Review for Trash and Treasure

Trash and Treasure, Fox Hollow Zodiac, Man, Raccoon, Possum, M/M, LGBT, Romance, Dual POV, Novella, Morgan BriceI received this book from Gay Romance Reviews in exchange of an honest review.

I just couldn’t resist signing up for this cute-sounding novella! I am all in for shifters these days, especially M/M, so I was eager to get reading!

So last night (writing this on 10th November) I just couldn’t sleep for many reasons and decided to grab my Kindle and read this book. I was in for some sexy shifter time!

Meet Jack and Mico, two shifter guys who recently (Jack a bit more recent than Mico) moved to Fox Hollow a safe heaven for all magical creatures, witches, and more. In this cute novella we get to meet both guys as they each have their POV. I was very happy that the author gave us two POVs, this way we got much closer to the guys and learned a lot about them. Like how Mico loves to make art and is having tons of fun riling up Jack by eating his doughnuts in a very suggestive way. How Jack loves cooking/baking and is very much into the garbage truck driver (and hiding it with his apron which just made me laugh so much). From the start I was just rooting for these two, their chemistry was just so on and I was hoping that we would soon get to dating and kissing.

I loved learning about which shifters these guys are. Jack is a Possum and Mico is a Raccoon. Definitely new shifters for me. So far I have seen cats, bears, wolves, dogs. But I haven’t seen possums/raccoons. I love it! Plus, it made me laugh because I recently read a book about Possums, the coincidence of it all! I had a laugh at how much these guys are like their shifter selves. Mico is a trash collector, lives in a tree, picks up trash to make art. Jack is introvert and shy and loves making food. I did feel sorry for both of them though, because apparently there is a bias against their shifters. We see that they hadn’t had an easy time with things. I just wanted to give them both a hug and tell them they are fantastic.

And when they finally started dating, I just adored it! Loved their conversations, loved their connection. I was just fangirling! I was even more excited when they made the big decision to shift in front of each other and thus revealing their forms. There are also some hot sex scenes near the end and they were fans herself very spicy. Love it!

What happened during the hike, I just so so wanted to step into the story and tell Mico that it was all right. That things would be OK. Sadly, I still haven’t mastered that ability. So I was on the edge of my seat, how would this all end. Well, OK, I knew it would probably be a HEA, but who knows? This is my first book by the author. Who knows what they do. XD

I am just not sure how I felt  about the conversations they had with their shifter selves. It was just a bit too weird? I have seen some wolf shifters control their inner wolf, but this was a full conversation…

But all in all, I did enjoy this one very much. It was a very cute and sexy novella and I definitely want more of this couple! Maybe I should check out the Fox Hollow Zodiac series as well to see what other stories are there.

Star rating, 4 stars

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