Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 14-11-2021

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 14-11-2021

Afternoon all~

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Welcome to a shiny shiny new Sunday’s TBR Updates~ Happy Sunday all!!

This week was OK-ish, not much special happened. Well, Saturday was special, we finally saw my hubbies grandpa again along with some other family members and had a fun afternoon/evening just chatting, eating cake, eating other yummy food and have fun. It was great to see everyone again! Been quite a long time.
Reading-wise also an OK week. Had a bit of a worry on Thursday/Friday as it was said that with the new lockdown libraries would close, but thankfully they went off that plan. After that conference on Friday eve I could read again. XD

What did I read from my TBR this week? American Revolution (bit boring, just battles battles and more, would have liked a bit more on other topics), Kate on the Case (so fun and cute and I want more), Suske & Wiske (LOVED it, so many references and so much fun, thanks Gerben Valkema for making a new hommage album), Ik Voel Me (a very good book about emotions with interesting stuff you could touch), Papierfabriek (this was just so interesting to read! About Guy’s time at a factory and what he experienced), De Niet Enge Dieren (a new favourite appears, this book was just so great and funny and sweet and cute), Recordbrekers (loved this one, humour but also touches on mental health in a good way), Zoete Zusjes vieren Sinterklaas (getting me right in the mood for Sinterklaas, loved it!). Also currently STILL reading Inheritance Games. Started early this week.. still trying to get through it. XD

I tried and dropped: Sherlock Holmes (too much things to write down/follow, not interesting story), The Cousins (read some things in reviews that weren’t my cup of tea plus before that I couldn’t get into it).

Here is a new pile of books! With some new library books, some older library books I put back on stack. Not that much as the previous weeks, but with all the lockdown and stuff I am still worried that things will close, so I try to pace myself. Hope I can do that. XD

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And that is it! Thanks for reading, wish me luck (along with hoping that this lockdown doesn’t extend to closing libraries/bookstores), and be sure to let me know in the comments what your plans this week are or if you think a particular book must be read NOW. XD I hope everyone has a wonderful and great Sunday and also a great week! Stay safe~

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