Teaser Tuesday ~ The Shelf by Helly Acton

Teaser Tuesday ~ The Shelf by Helly Acton

The Shelf, Helly Acton, Reality Show, Romance, Feminism, Blue, Jumping, Dresses
Currently thinking of reading this one so I picked it for today’s TT. I flicked through the book and bumped onto this hilarious part on page 156/157.
Gemma looks at the dresses. One’s a black spandex mini, the second is a pink leather playsuit and the third is a tight white lace dress, the low-cut back of which sits below the top of her bum.
A moment later she’s in the final dress, modelling it around the bedroom. “It’s called bum cleavage! It’s like boob cleavage, but on your butt! Don’t you love it?”
‘Darlin’, you would look class with a condom on your head,’ says Jackie. ‘Just make sure there’s enough stretch in that dress to pull a punch if you need to.’

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