Bookish Holiday Tag

Bookish Holiday Tag

Afternoon all!

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Welcome all to a shiny new Festive Tag! Today I am doing the Bookish Holiday Tag! I am having so much fun doing these and finding new ones~ I hope everyone enjoys all the festivities on my blog~

I found this tag over at Books With Bunny, be sure to check out her amazing post.


β€’ What is your favorite book to gift during the holidays?

I don’t really have one book to gift as I really look at what people like before I give them something. For instance, one of my favourite books this year is A Dowry of Blood, but I would never gift to my husband as he has a whole different taste. For instance my husband loves sci-fi/fantasy books with action/humour. He wouldn’t enjoy this book.

β€’ What is the best book you have ever received as a gift?

Star vs. the Forces of Evil The Magic Book of Spells, Daron Nefcy, Amber Benson, Dominic Bisignano, Devin Taylor, Magic, Children's Books, Humour, Fantasy,
This one! I got it from my husband in 2018 and I was SO HYPED to get it! I love the Star vs the Forces of Evil series and this book was just a delight. Spells, a diary, history of the world, and so much more.

β€’ What book do you hope to get this year?

Check out my Santa/Wishlist post! Those books are HIGH HIGH on my list!

β€’ What is your favorite holiday movie?

Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack, Christmas, Holidays,

Haha, I am sorry guys, you know my answer. It is of course…. Nightmare Before Christmas! I love that movie and since it is both Halloween and Christmas it is one I try to watch both holidays! I just love seeing Jack go into the Christmas world and try to do something similar for his town/world (though he went too far which was a shame).

β€’ What holiday song is always on repeat?

How can you pick one song? Haha, I just listen to whatever is available, the only song that may be played a bit louder is S3RL’s Generic Holiday Song.

β€’ What is your favorite holiday food to either make or eat?

Cookies and cake! Two years ago before Corona I made a (and I am laughing at the word as the Dutch word is so much simpler) Gugelhupf. I decorated it with white chocolate, added Christmas sprinkles and then added tiny little trees. It looked really pretty and everyone loved it. And this year I want to focus on making all the cookies as my hubby and I are just not finishing a whole cake. Hopefully when Corona is over and we can do family Christmasses I will make cakes again.


I would tag everyone! This was such a fun tag to do and I hope more people do this one~ I hope everyone has a great festive period, enjoy!

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