Festive This or That

Festive This or That

Afternoon all!

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Merry Christmas Eve Day and welcome to a new Festive Tag that I just HAD to do when I found it: Festive This Or That.

I found this fun tag over at Fangirl Arya be sure to check out which things she picked! The original seems to be Grace from Grace Thorough Good Beauty!


Real Tree or Artificial:

Ever since I started living on my own it has been an artificial tree. It was just cheaper, less messy, and while I do love the smile of pine, I also cannot tolerate it 24/7. XD I did upgrade my tree though. When I lived alone it was a cute little tree, and now I am with my husband and we have our own place, it is a big tree!

Hot Chocolate or Eggnog:

Never had eggnog, and not sure if I ever want to try. But I do love love love love love (xmany times) hot chocolate. It is the drink of choice during these cold days. Often with some delicious whipped cream or marshmallows (big or small ones). I definitely do want to try out white chocolate milk one time, maybe this year!

Snow or W/O Snow:

I am going to go with snow despite it not often snowing around that time. But for me snow completes Christmas. It makes it perfect.

Love Actually or The Holiday:

I know of both movies, but never watched either of them.

Elf or Home Alone:

Home Alone. And then the first OG movie, not those that followed and especially not that new one that I don’t even want to watch given the trailer. NOPE. Home Alone OG was just so funny and I still like watching it.

Mariah Carey or Michael Buble:

Both make nice music, for Christmas that is. Haha. I guess if I really had to pick it would be Mariah Carey.

Movie or Boardgames:

We got a whole lot of boardgames… but we never play. Haha. We much prefer playing games on the computer. Or watching movies.

Christmas Pudding or Christmas Cake:

Never had either. Yes, I am from Europe, Netherlands specifically but I never seen that black pudding or the specific Christmas cake. So I will just go for normal cake and tons of Christmas cookies.

Angel or Star topper:

Most of the toppers sold her are just normal toppers without anything on top. But if I had to choose and if I had the choice, I would go for a Star Topper!

Snowmen or Reindeer:

I used to love snowmen so me from before would have said that. But then Frozen came along and Olaf with it and now I just don’t like snowmen anymore. So I will go for cute and hardworking reindeer.


I hope everyone enjoyed this tag (I know I had fun answering) and I hope everyone has a great couple of days celebrating Christmas! Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Festive This or That

    1. Yay! Thanks for reading the tag, and I love that as well! Oh, well I guess I will have to make it a priority next Christmas as I hadn’t had the chance to drink it (everything was pretty much closed in December/January).

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