Review for Cat Kid Comic Club

Review for Cat Kid Comic Club

Cat Kid Comic Club, Dav Pilkey, Blue, Cat, Frog, Grass, Comics, Making Comics, Graphic Novels, Humour, Children's Books, ArtA really fun graphic novel that teaches you in a fun way (along with a story) how to make comics~

I was excited to find this book at Library #4 and in English even! Dav Pilkey makes some fun books so I was curious about this one.

In this book we learn all about making comics! Thanks to Li’l Peetey who is teaching a big class of enthusiastic (and not so enthusiastic) baby frogs! Each chapter is a new part in the comic progress and I just adore the way it was done in this book, because we also get some story. We learn about the frogs and their father (who apparently has some mechanical body). We see arguments, see the father be shocked at the comics, and there is more. At first I wasn’t such a fan of the frogs, but after a while I warmed up to them and was actually rooting for them.

The comic making was so much fun and I loved how Li’l Peetey taught the frogs (and thus the kids/adults reading this) how to make comics. From writing down ideas and likes/dislikes to how failing isn’t bad to what kind of comics there are. There is plenty of things mentioned in this fun 176 pages graphic novel. You/your kid can just go along with the chapters and do the things mentioned in there. I learned quite a few new things along the way.

I wasn’t always such a fan of the comics, especially in the beginning. Most just weren’t my cup of tea. I am still happy they added them, yes, they may not be for me, but they do fit the story and I am sure there is an audience for them.

I did like the art of the graphic novel, it is such a fun and playful style.

All in all, definitely would recommend this one to fans of Dave Pilkey and those who want to try making comics.

Star rating, 3 stars

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