Review for Christmas Activity Book for Smart Kids

Review for Christmas Activity Book for Smart Kids

Christmas Activity Book for Smart Kids, Ayoub "Ayoubb" Benali, Reece Karl Piccolo-Sellin, Christmas, Activities, stories, Children's Books, Fun, Puzzles, Colouring Pictures, Candy Cane, MazesI received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

First up a big thank you to the authors for sending me a physical copy! That is a very rare thing, so I am excited! Then again, you really have to have an activity book in your hands because it is hard to solve puzzles on a e-reader.

In this book we don’t just get activities, oh no. We also get stories! There are 8 stories in total and after each story we get puzzles and more relating to that. Like find words that you saw in the story. Or get a colouring picture featuring something from the story (I got very hungry when I saw the KFC picture, haha and I don’t even go to KFC but I love chicken). The stories were fun and I loved the topics that were mentioned. From Yule Lads to KFC Japan to Christmas Capital. There were things I knew, but there were also new things. Like the witch from the beginning, which sounds like such a fun tradition. Also I know want to see Christmas Pyramids, I am very curious! I am also going to get some new pencils because I would love to colour in those pictures and maybe draw some things from my imagination in the empty pages with a prompt. Plus, I saved a few of the puzzles for closer to Christmas!

There were a few things that could have been better. One is the Hidden Word puzzles. One of my favourite puzzles in the world. But, I think that the field is just too big for the amount of words. It is very chaotic and at times hard to find words. Two solutions to this would be to either make the puzzle smaller and contain less words or just add more words. I think more words is what I would go for. See the picture below to see what I mean. As you can see there there are just 10 words but the puzzle has SO much room and place left.

The second thing was the mazes. While I loved the mazes in overall I would just have liked different images per maze. Now it was the same Santa and presents all the time. It would have been fun to add different Santa pictures and different pictures of gifts. Or maybe make it just Help Santa Find X (fill in what he needs to find). Like instead of just presents, make it Reindeer (like Rudolf) or help him find the chimney. It would just have made it stand out a bit more and come over less as the same each time.

Those two things, along with a few text-errors (like the sentence that was clustered together) and the fact that maybe the book could be a bit less repetitive (instead of the same format for each story maybe add some new puzzles and other fun things to do) were the things that stood out to me. Other than that I had great fun reading and doing the activities. I am really happy that I got to read this book/try out the activities. I was already looking to get more in the Xmas spirit and this book definitely made me feel more Christmassy!

So yeah, I would recommend the book. There are some things that could be improved but for most this book was just a Christmas treat.

As per author request, here is a link to Amazon so you can buy the book.

Star rating, 3.5 stars** Star rating, 4 stars (I would say around a 3.8)

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