Review for Diary of an Accidental Witch

Review for Diary of an Accidental Witch

Diary of an Accidental Witch, Perdita Cargill, Honor Cargill, Magic, Fantasy, Children's Books, Witches, Friendship, Diary, Funny, Blue, Girl, Magic, Cat, FrogMeet Bea, a normal average girl… until she is accepted in witch school! What will this girl do next?

I loved Honor and Perdita’s previous series, Waiting For Callback, so I was very hyped for a new series by them, this time a children’s/MG series about a girl who becomes an accidental witch. It took me a bit longer before I had the chance to read it, Amazon didn’t have it in stock for a while and then it was way too expensive. But now it was the right price. dances

In this book we meet Bea, an average girl with a not so average dad. Haha. They moved to Little Spellshire (love the town’s name) which has something magical to it. Not only in regards to the strange school in the forest, or the strange shops, but also with the weather. From one moment it can be both sunny and snow. Then there is a mini-tornado. It’s up to Bea’s father to figure out the whats and hows. I loved the setting instantly and would love to just step inside the book and visit this place. Eat something yummy at Taffy’s. Check out what the grocery store has. Make friends with the kids of the town. Get into that school. I want it all!

I had fun seeing Bea try to understand witch stuff and try the magic herself. I had a laugh at how often she burned something, and laughed that this was apparently fairly normal for a witch to do given the comment from one of the other girls in class. XD I was definitely rooting for Bea because despite her being very normal… she could do something with that wand. Not to mention she had a knack for flying on a broomstick/participating in that sports (which I also wanted to do). That part definitely screamed Harry Potter to me, given how Harry was also so good at it + the magical sport. I loved reading about the subjects at school, while it seemed to be very magical orientated it also seemed to actually teach the kids something they could use in the real life.

I loved seeing Bea make friends. She already had one, a guy from next door who I liked but at other times found a bit judgmental, but with Witch School she makes more.

I did feel a bit for the dad, because Bea just couldn’t say anything about her days at school. Hello, witch = secret. But dad thought she was just acting out. Oh if only he knew. I would have loved dad to take a bit better care of his daughter as now she was thinking of learning to cook and do other things.

I absolutely LOVED that this book was written as a diary, it just made it all even more fun and made me connect with Bea more.

However, there was one thing I would have liked to see. Bea being honest from the start. Now throughout the book she is worried and fretting that someone finds out that she isn’t a witch/that she has zero experience. I just wish she had confided in the teachers or at least that kind head teacher. Now it all popped out at the end and it just felt too late for me. Though I did love the reaction of the head teacher, haha. I hadn’t expected that one.

Can we please just not have mean girls (or boys) in stories? I am just tired of the Blairs in books.

The illustrations in this book were just a pure delight! They were cute and fun and I loved how the characters were drawn.

All in all, give me the second book! I need more! Honor and Perdita have done it again and I cannot wait to read the rest.

Star rating, 5 stars

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