Review for Genie and Teeny: Make a Wish

Review for Genie and Teeny: Make a Wish

Steven Lenton, Genie and Teeny: Make a Wish, Children's Books, Genie, Dog, Funny, Humour, Wishes, Magic, Fantasy, Blue, Golden Letters, LampA very adorable and hilarious book about a genie and a dog who is not so Teeny (at least not for the genie).

I have had my eyes on this book (and the sequel) for a bit, I am a big fan of Steven Lenton so I was hyped to get his new series. Finally I decided to just go for it, Amazon had it in stock so why wait any longer. XD

In this book we meet two characters, a genie named Grant and a pup named Teeny. Grant is a genie… but oh no I wouldn’t recommend him to fulfil your wishes. I mean, he is a nice guy.. but he mostly seems to mess up his spells and make something totally different. If you want a cake? You may just get giant snakes. Not entirely want you want, right? He has been banished from genie land after, um, a big incident. I loved Grant from the start, yes, he wasn’t a too good of a genie with his messing up, but he did his best and frankly? I laughed my butt off seeing what would happen if someone made a wish. You just don’t know what you can get. XD I loved that he had a whole hat collection, I remember when I was all into hats and had quite a few (these days I barely wear hats). And I loved how he was with Teeny and how quickly he became friends. Also sorry Grant, but your “lamp” is truly a teapot. Just see it already.

Then there is the other part of the duo, Teeny. A cute little puppers who got lost and who is looking for his owners. Teeny was just the most adorable thing. Really. I just wanted to pick him up and give him a big cuddle.

I loved seeing these two have some great adventures as they try to find Teeny’s owners. That villain we get in this book, yes, I would call her that given her maniac plans, she was just well-written. She was bat-poop-crazy. She definitely underestimated our duo, and she should have stopped at one wish. 😛

The ending was just wonderful!

I laughed my butt off while reading this one. OMG, I loved the conversations, the puns, again the wishes, everything.

And then there are the illustrations which just complete the zaniness/silliness of the book!

All in all, this girl is going to be buying the next book in the series very fast! And I would recommend to all looking for a funny, silly, zany book!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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