Review for Gingersnap Snatcher

Review for Gingersnap Snatcher

Gingersnap Snatcher, Children's Books, Picture Book, Christmas, Grandparents, Cute, Holidays, Cookies, Mystery, Brother, Sister, Vicky Weber, Svitlana Liuta,I received this book from BookSirens in exchange of an honest review.

This cute looking book, well, I just had to read it. I have been hunting for more Christmas/holidays related book now that we are getting closer and closer to the wonderful times. And this one featured not only Christmas but also cookies. And those who know me… know I love cookies!

In this cute book we see three kids whose grandmother made their favourite cookies, gingersnaps. They look forward to it all day, but when they get home, SHOCK, the cookies are gone! We follow the trio on their quest to find out what the heck happened to their precious and yummy cookies! I had fun following them and the cookie crumbles (yes, the thief left a trail) and see who they thought had done it! After a tiny bit I had a big suspicion who it could be. As I am 100% the same because my cookies are just too yummy and sharing? Well, I will just whip up another batch, teehee. Sometimes you make something so good you want to eat it all in one go.

I had a big laugh at the cat sleeping in the tree. I don’t have a cat myself, but from friends and the internet I know cats are very attracted to Christmas trees. XD

I would have loved to see a recipe on ginger snaps just there on the page. I don’t really want to download a QR code scanner to get that recipe. We do get a song, but my note-reading is terrible these days and I don’t have a musical instrument. I also don’t really get what vocal exploration opportunities meant? I went back to the pages but couldn’t really see anything special happening there.

The illustrations were perfect though, I really loved the style! It was cute and sweet.

All in all, the story was a delight and I am hungry for cookies now. I am happy I got to try this book!

Star rating, 4 stars

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