Review for How Big Is Your Paw?

Review for How Big Is Your Paw?

How Big Is Your Paw?: Forest Animals, Kristin Russo, Animals, Science, Children's Books, Otter, Cute, Non-FictionI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Look at that ADORABLE cover, how could anyone resist? Plus, I love the idea of putting your hand on the paw and see the difference~

In this book we meet various animals and read facts about them, and of course, the biggest pull of the book, put your hand over the pawprint and see how it compares. Now, it wasn’t just compare the animal print for me, haha, I don’t have big hands but they are bigger than the audience for this book, aka little kids. XD So at times I had to lift my hand up to see just how I was doing. And I guess maybe I should have cleaned my hands even better, but those cookiedough parts won’t come off (had another fun bake-a-thon Friday). Haha, so my screen needed some cleaning, teehee. And I finally found a print that matched with my hand, or well close to it, the moose comes close~

I had fun reading the book. It is a short and simple book with just 3-4 facts + an introduction, so this is one for the early readers (but since I am reading it, I would also think that the older readers will enjoy it as well). The facts are fun though and I liked reading what the authors picked out the plethora of facts that exist about various animals. Like I didn’t know that opossums ate that many ticks. Or that otters poop in groups and that their poop is called spraint. OK… 🙈

A big big YAS for adding cm and mm and km and the likes. A lot of US books don’t do that, but I think it is handy to do as your book is bound to go outside of the US. This saves editing. Or if there is no editing people having to freaking calculate. I mean, we use the metric and that is what we are taught in school. I really wouldn’t know how much inches are in a centimetre or something like that.

The illustrations were so pretty and I love the style. It reminds me of another animal book (maybe series even) that I read some time ago.

All in all, this fun and creative book will be sure a hit. I can remember that as a kid (and well, now as an adult I am still the same) that I used to love seeing how things were in comparison to my hands or feet. Recommended!

Star rating, 4 stars

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