Review for Kay’s Marvellous Medicine

Review for Kay’s Marvellous Medicine

Kay's Marvellous Medicine: A Gross and Gruesome History of the Human Body, Adam Kay, Humour, Children's Books, Illustrations, Skeleton, History, Non-Fiction, Medical,Adam Kay is back with a new book about the body! This time we are diving into the history of the human body and learn all about what the past thought about it (and what the future will bring).

I was absolutely STOKED when I learned about this book, I really loved his first book and I was curious what he would be telling us in this one! Of course, the history, but what kind of facts, what kind of fun tales?

In this book, through 12 chapters, we learn all about the human body and more specifically the history of it all. Like what did the Greek know about the heart or the brain? How did they try to fix things if you broke something or if you had to get a surgery? Or the Middle Ages, what kind of gruesome diseases happened there and did anyone know how to fix it? In each chapter, which is about a part of the human body/something the body does (from bones to pooing to sex to ears) we see various discoveries and laugh at how the humans in times did to fix things and what they learned. Like how the Egyptians knew so much about bones… but not so much about other parts. Or how bloodletting was a favourite hobby for some. And we also learn about sexism and the ways women at times dressed like guys to get somewhere, to do something. Some of the cures or some of their ideas. EWW, thank lord I have been born in this age, because I seriously don’t want to think of letting blood or have a hole drilled in my head because I have an headache (which I probably have even more then) or having to wear weasels balls in the hopes of not getting pregnant. WTF. XD

There were things I already knew (yes, I am a bit older than the age group for this book) but there were also plenty of gross new facts for me! And I love that!

I really really loved the illustrations! They made the book even funnier and more gross.

There were two things I wasn’t such a fan of. One nearly made me drop the book, and that was the Prunella lines. She was a rude, spiteful, mean, bad character and I would have rather had the footnotes/notes not there at all. They really soured the book for me. The whole book is funny and then there is Prunella making a rotten comment and just ruining things. Granted, Adam’s interactions with her seemed to be pretty eh at times as well, but Prunella took the cake. She was there to put down Adam constantly. Telling him how bad his books are, how he cannot do x or why, and so on. I even read some to my husband and even he wonders what the idea was behind this whole thing. I am almost considering doing something I haven’t done before. Ever. Getting some correction fluid and then erase those lines, because I do want to re-read this book someday again.
The next one is the lawyer stuff that kept popping up. The joke was funny the first 3 times, after 4 to 7 times I got bored, and by 10 I was rolling my eyes.

Oh, and I found it funny that the one mention about Coronavirus was making it seem like it is already over while we are still in the freaking middle of it. I get that you want the book to be one to be read for years, but this just stood out for me. Also quarantine helping? HAHAHAHHAHAH. Maybe in your country, but in my country it seems they don’t care about it (government or otherwise).

But all in all, I loved this book. I will still give it 5 stars as it deserves that for 90% of the book. I hope that Adam Kay makes more books like this, I am looking forward to them!

Star rating, 5 stars

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