Review for Spider-Man Swings Through Europe!

Review for Spider-Man Swings Through Europe!

Spider-Man: Far From Home: Spider-Man Swings Through Europe!, Calliope Glass, Andrew Kolb, superheroes, travelling, Europe, Spiderman, Humour, Picture Books, Children's books, Venice, Prague, Superheroes, LondonThis time Spider-Man goes on a trip, through Europe!!!

The second Spiderman picture book I got and I am hyped! First I want to mention the amazing cover! It is so fun and I love how it matches with the other book in the series (see review here).

In this delightful book Peter Parker aka Spiderman is on a school trip to Europe! And yes, 3 cities in Europe, what kind of school is Peter going to that they can afford to visit all these places? Haha, I mean, give me that school. Because I didn’t even leave my country with my school. XD I love that the first stop is Venice, which is the city of my dreams and also one I went to on my honeymoon (yes, my husband is amazing).  I loved loved loved seeing all those beautiful landmarks again and wish I could go back to Venice, hopefully when Corona is over. Next up is Prague, which is still high on my list to visit, again, hopefully when Corona is over I can go. So I was absolutely delighted to see various sites along with Peter. Then lastly it is London, and OH BOY, I want to go there. Sadly, not going to happen given Brexit. One, no passport (just got an ID card) and two, just too much hassle. But seeing Peter stroll through London reminded me of the birthday present my hubby gave me, a few days in London! Though we didn’t get to see the Big Ben like Peter does. Sadly, it was apparently being repaired/fixed/restored. But this way I could still enjoy it! Thanks Spiderman!

I had a laugh that Peter was just walking around as Spiderman. And that no one was that impressed by it amazed me. I would totally fangirl if I saw Spiderman. XD

Also did I spy it right? Is that Nick Fury lurking around and checking Spiderman? Haha, I loved it and had fun finding the guy.

Oh, and I adore that my country, on the big map, was all flowers! Tulips even. So true!

The illustrations were once again amazing and I just love love the style.

All in all, a wonderful trip with Spiderman and I am glad I could be part, I would highly recommend this book to all. And please make more of them!

Star rating, 5 stars

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