Review for Spinjitzu Brothers #1: The Curse of the Cat-Eye Jewel

Review for Spinjitzu Brothers #1: The Curse of the Cat-Eye Jewel

Spinjitzu Brothers #1: The Curse of the Cat-Eye Jewel , Lego NINJAGO, Tracey West, Children's Books, Ninja, Fantasy, Catgirl, Adventure, Brothers, Cat Eyes, Cats, Lego FiguresA delightful and adventurous Lego NINJAGO book that gave new insights into characters~!

I am so HYPED that there are more Lego books coming out. I just LOVE making things with Lego and I have read a few books here and there Lego-themed. So of course I had to dash to my library to get more Lego books when I saw they had them in stock.

After a big mistake (well, they did save the world, but not exactly in the right way) the father of the brothers Wu and Garmadon sends them out to find a cure (tea, yes, as expected) for Garmadon. There is something dark lurking in him, and dad hopes to get it out with tea. I can already tell you, he will still turn evil. Haha, no spoilers there. You can imagine that two brothers, very different in their ways, aren’t too happy with the adventure. Well, Wu seems to be OK with it. But Garmadon would rather just sleep or eat the day away. XD

The adventure of course doesn’t go straight forward. Garmadon isn’t too excited and wants to make his own decisions. Then they meet someone else. A girl named Nineko who helps them when a big monster attacks them. I found Nineko sus from the start, especially when we see that she can do Spinjitzu. I mean, that means that she has met the boys dad… but why do the boys not know about her.. Mmm. I lovedthe parts with Nineko though, despite that I knew that something was up with her. I had fun seeing the boys learn some cat-like moves that I am sure will help with later adventures.

And things get really exciting in the later part of the book. OMG, I was already flying through the book, but with that? Flying even harder. I just HAD to know what was going to happen next.

I loved the cats at the temple, they were so cute and adorable. I am allergic a lot to cats, but I would still want to spend a few days at the temple.

I loved that back then Wu did some very impulsive things (like the scroll to help out his country). In the now with him old you don’t see him do a lot of that, he does do some zany things, but nothing out of the rules. Other than that you could still see a lot of the old Wu in the young Wu. See his determination, see his love for his brother despite everything, see that he is brave. That he is willing to undertake anything no matter what.

And yes, I wanted to hit Garmadon at times. Blah.

There is tons of adventure, shiny gems, and spinjitzu! I flew through this book and I LOVE LOVE it. Will be soon reading the second book (yes, I also got that one). Recommended to all fans of Lego/NINJAGO.

Star rating, 5 stars

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