Review for Spinjitzu Brothers #2: The Lair of Tanabrax

Review for Spinjitzu Brothers #2: The Lair of Tanabrax

Spinjitzu Brothers #2: The Lair of Tanabrax, Tracey West, Lego, Ninjago, Ninjas, Children's Books, Brothers, Quest, Adventure, Action, Dolls, ScaryScary dolls, souls being stolen, something very scary is happening on Wu and Garmadon’s next leg of the journey~

Just like the first book we start with Wu in the present day. Leading his ninjas, and this time they are on the way home when they find the village having a party. I had such a laugh at how Wu was NOPE to the dolls, and I couldn’t blame him. Dolls are scary, but given what he experienced back in his youth I would just NOPE and yeet some stuff at the word doll. XD

Then we flashback to when our duo was travelling and see them find a village (you know, sometimes Garmadon has some good ideas). People are being sus about things, but the brothers can stay and I guess after that first night wish they had just not visited. XD I loved Garmadon’s comment after the events, YAS, I would have said the same. No one said anything about living walking and talking dolls. Could have warned us. And from then the story gets even more exciting and adventurous as the brothers decide (with some struggling which I agree with, again, hello dolls) to help out.

I loved seeing the baddie and see how scary he looks! He reminded me very STRONGLY of Venom + Carnage. The mouth, the eyes, the whole shadowy things. I love it!

I really liked Moody, that little guy was just so hilarious and cute, but I also wanted to give him a big hug. I don’t want to spoil it further so I will keep it at that.

There is tons of action, humour, and yes, I also cried. I wonder who wouldn’t with that ending.

That ending when we are back in the now.. OH MY that is OMINOUS. OMMMMINOOOUSSS! Love it!

Once again, fantastic illustrations that really fit with the theme/the Ninjago world.

I NEED MORE! Give me more! You cannot just stop here. Write faster. Translate harder. XD I would recommend this fun book to all! Lovers of LEGO, Ninjago, but anyone else looking for a fun adventurous story featuring ninjas and magic will love this book.

Star rating, 5 stars

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