Review for Storm

Review for Storm

Storm, Nicola Skinner, Pink, storm, girl, ghosts, death, friendship, fantasy, children's books, nicola skinner“You were born raging, Frances Frida Ripley. That’s what happens when you’re born in a storm.”

I was so delighted that my library finally had the newest book by Nicola Skinner in stock! I really enjoyed Bloom so I was eager to find out if I would like Storm as well!

In Storm we meet with strong-willed and stormy Frances. She is a ghost. Well, in the beginning of the book she is a normal girl… until a freak disaster hits and she loses it all. I just wanted to hug her so badly. I can only imagine how much pain it must have been, to wake up in your own house. But you are dead. No one can see you. We see how she tries to get through those first days before she takes that sleeping potion that will set the time forward to 100 years (and 2) later. We meet Jane/Jill (sorry, I also forgot her name and mostly because Frances gets it wrong). And then 100 years later we meet many other people. Because Frances’s house has turned into a museum. 😐 Yep. People making money out of anything.

Seeing Frances go through her days. Struggle. Find a safe place in all the chaos that her old home became. Finding the rage inside her. The storm. I had quite a laugh when she first found out about what she could do. Yes, it was sad, but I also loved it because she could finally do something. Finally she didn’t have to just watch. She is quite a storm! And you don’t want to mess with her.

My heart broke for her though as the time went on. She was warned about it, but she didn’t think about it. But memories do rot and I was just heart-broken how this girl kept losing things. Time. Memories. Losing her family all over again.

While I couldn’t imagine 200-ish pages more with the museum and Frances rage.. I also wasn’t sure about the ghost-hunting and the ghost stuff that followed after? I mean at times it was pretty interesting to read and fun even, and sometimes even heart-breaking because time just continues and for ghosts that isn’t the best, but our villain… I just wanted to punch him. And his son as well. I get he is meant to be evil, well at least the father (Crawler) is, but seriously I just wanted to punch so much. It was very distracting from the read if all you want is to punch someone or yeet the book. XD

While the ending was what I was hoping for… it just felt too fast? Does that make sense? Haha. One moment we are doing x and the next it is over. I just feel that it could have been a bit more emotional, a bit more OOMPH.

The writing-style was just as amazing as the first one. Really, this is one book that I just flew right through. It just grabs you. Even in the moments that you want to yeet the book you cannot leave.

And I adore the cover! Just look how shiny and pretty it is and how well it fits with the book!

All in all, despite some issues and despite that some of the story could have been better, I did enjoy it! I cannot wait for her next book~

Star rating, 3 stars

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  1. The premise of this one sounds interesting. You hooked me at the beginning when you wrote Frances is a ghost.

    Yes! I completely agree about the pretty cover!

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