Review for Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt

Review for Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt

Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt, Ben Clanton, Superheroes, Animals, Comics, Humour, Waffles, FriendshipNarwhal and Jelly are back, as SUPERHEROES!!

The last Narwhal and Jelly I still had to read until I was all up to date. dances So thankful that my tiny town’s library had the whole series and I could read the books I still had to read. It was quite a fun time! I read a book about friendship and otters, there was one about Christmas, and this last one on my list is all about superheroes.

That is right! It is time for superheroes. Narwhal becomes Super Narwhal (not an entirely creative name, but it still fitted him) and Jelly Jolt (which I just loved). I had fun seeing them discuss all the things one needs to be a superhero. You need a good outfit, like a cape or something else. You need a supername but also a normal name, and Narwhal’s choice was just a perfect blend of references to other superheroes. And then of course, what is your superpower or powers? I had fun seeing Narwhal and Jellyfish become superheroes though maybe I would have just like to see a bit more action! More BOOM and KAPOW! More villains! That is really the only thing I missed.

There are also two other stories, one is about a starfish who wants to become a real star and I had such a laugh at what they tried to make his dreams come true. And then there is that food-superheroes-whatever you want to call it, this time it wasn’t too bad. Normally not the biggest fan of this part, so it made me happy that it wasn’t too bad this time.

And of course, like every N&J book we get some facts on animals. This time animals with supertalents! Like whales and crabs!

The ending had me smiling and I was happy for Narwhal as that was just the perfect thing for him.

The art was once again a ton of fun and I love the use of yellow in this book.

All in all, recommended and I cannot wait for the next books.

Star rating, 4 stars

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