Review for The Fires of Daytime

Review for The Fires of Daytime

Fires of Daytime, Valleywood, Fantasy, Paranormal, Shifters, Romance, LGBT, Firefighter, Dea Roman, Guy, Fire, Naked TorsoI received this book from Gay Romance Reviews in exchange of an honest review.

OK, so I was very HYPED about this book. Really. A firefighter x actor romance along with shifters? Hello, YES. But sadly, I just never saw the spark between the two, found Xander way too possessive, felt highly uncomfortable during the hospital parts and the sex scene that followed not that long afterwards. Instant Love can just fucking die and burn in a big pile of NOPE. I have to be honest and say that I yeeted my kindle to the other side of my bed (he is fine) because I was just so disgusted and uncomfortable. In the end I decided to keep reading and I am glad I did because there were other parts, non-related to the couple that never feels like a couple, that I loved.

But first let’s get the shit out of the way. I was just highly uncomfortable how Xander stormed in a building with fire and just kept on rambling MATE MATE MATE MATE MATE MATE MATE. Like, dude, eww. I get he is just freaking fated mate which is freaking magic at its own but this just continues for quite a bit before Xander is mostly rational again. But even later, he just gets so possessive. If someone gets close to Calvin, WHINNY goes his horse and he rears up like a horse. If someone dares to say MATE to his MATE than he just flips. Like what the actual fuck. I also hate how Xander (and with him the doctor) just stood there a bit and didn’t really get to comfort Calvin. Hello, the dude just heard he was a latent Omega (apparently humans can be that too????) and he is just fucked stuck in a heat mode. It just pissed me off how no one just took him serious. Yes, the doctor was an improvement, but I did think it was a bit creepy how he pushed his own medicines and what he thought was right in front of Calvin/Xander. The nurse. Can she get fucking fired? Because seriously, if she is like this often, then….. Then later Xander and Calvin go to Calvin’s home. Calvin is sleeping off things but then he wakes up and is horny. Sex follows. I get that this is the whole mate shit, but I was just so uncomfortable as I was wondering how much REAL control Calvin had. So I skipped that scene and yeeted my Kindle.

And again, I never felt any connection between the two guys. OK, maybe a tiny little spark, but for most I was just wondering why these were together. Probably just the fated mate crap. Not to mention everything was just so rushed and that definitely didn’t help me making getting to know the guys and rooting for them. Now I just wanted to pick up Calvin and run away with him.

There are a few more things that I wasn’t a fan off, but let’s go to the happy things. The happy things being, Cassandra, she was just such a fun character especially later when we learn about her origins. That explained so much. I loved how she kicked some serious butt during the kidnap, she is tiny but so so fierce. I loved reading about the show and how popular it is. Leo was such a great character and I really hope he finds a mate (please, a novella with him in it finding his mate in a natural way). Then there are Xander’s friends who are fun and I love there is a unicorn and an elf in the mix. I would definitely love a book about these characters. Oh, and Xander’s family, love love. Love how they kept things secret but in the mean time just popped by to see him and Calvin. XD I loved reading about this city/town and the magic it contains (I need more). I love that we read about a firefighter. Love that the other half is an actor. Love the ending and all that happened there. Love love love the cover.

But yeah, I just cannot rate it very high. I am already proud I finished the book.

Star rating, 2 stars

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